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Does Nicotine Replacement Therapy Work?

Whether you are trying to quit your smoking habit or know somebody who is giving up, you will know that quitting smoking can get quite tough. And that’s mainly down to the fact that nicotine, one of the main ingredients in tobacco products, is extremely addictive. In fact, nicotine actually changes the chemistry of your brain to make you crave it more and leaves you feeling unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when you don’t get the amount that you are used to. While nicotine withdrawal symptoms will usually go away after a few weeks of quitting smoking, some people find that nicotine replacement products can help them to quit by making things easier to deal with.

How it Works

Nicotine replacement products are designed to give your body nicotine without having a cigarette. Whether you choose to use products from a vape shop online, nicotine gum, patches, lozenges, or a spray, you will be able to continue to get nicotine without exposure to the other harmful chemicals found in tobacco. Despite being the most addictive component, nicotine is one of the least harmful ingredients in a cigarette in terms of what it can do to your body over time.

Options to Consider

There are lots of different nicotine replacement products that you can choose from when you are quitting smoking. Some are available over the counter while others need to be prescribed by your doctor. Nicotine replacement products are generally considered to be safe to use for most healthy adults. Some of the most popular options include:

Electronic Cigarettes

E-cigarettes or vaping has become one of the most popular ways to quit smoking since it is very similar. While vaping won’t break the emotional connection that you have, it can definitely be an ideal way to get off cigarettes and onto something that is much safer. The transition is generally easy since vaping can feel quite similar to smoking. Some people vape for long periods of time after quitting, while others gradually taper down their nicotine level and eventually quit completely.

Nicotine Patches

These patches are designed to be placed directly on the skin. They release a low and steady amount of nicotine over time. They can be ideal for the workplace or whenever you are somewhere that other nicotine replacement options like vaping might not be acceptable.

Nicotine Gum

Another nicotine replacement option that you can use almost anywhere is nicotine gum. You can buy this over the counter in different strengths. It works by releasing the nicotine immediately into your bloodstream through the mucous membranes in your mouth when you chew the gum.

Nicotine Sprays

You can get nicotine sprays either over the counter or on prescription from your doctor. You spray it into either your mouth or nose to get a quick burst of nicotine directly into your bloodstream, which can be very useful for reducing or eliminating a craving immediately.

If you want to quit smoking but are worried about the withdrawal symptoms, these are some popular nicotine replacement products that you can consider.

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