E3 2023 Cancelled Amid Lack of Industry Interest



E3 2023, the much-awaited video game event, has been officially canceled as major industry players withdrew their presence, resulting in insufficient interest to execute the showcase. Microsoft, Nintendo, Ubisoft, and other gaming giants had confirmed their absence from the event, leading the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) to abandon plans for the convention.

The ESA has been notifying members that although E3 remains a popular event and brand, it failed to generate the necessary interest for a successful event.

E3 2023 Cancelled Amid Lack of Industry Interest

E3 Showrunners Issue Apology

In a statement from ReedPop’s Global VP of Gaming, Kyle Marsden-Kish, he expressed disappointment over the decision and sympathized with companies that faced challenges in preparing playable demos and allocating resources for the event.

Marsden-Kish apologized to those who committed to E3 2023 and assured them that they would continue working on future events.

Originally scheduled for June 13th to 16th in Los Angeles, E3 2023 would have marked its return for the first time since its last outing in 2019. Despite its cancellation, gaming enthusiasts can expect plenty of video game news and announcements in June. Ubisoft had previously revealed plans to host its own event around the same time.

Nintendo and PlayStation usually hold digital events in June, while Microsoft, which had pledged to be part of E3’s digital show, might still make announcements despite the event’s cancellation.

ESA Silent On E3 Revival

The cancellation was confirmed via email sent to ESA members. The message emphasized E3’s status as a beloved event and brand but acknowledged the lack of sustained interest for the 2023 edition. The ESA reiterated its commitment to advocacy work but did not mention the possibility of reviving the show in future years.

Following IGN’s report, a public statement from Marsden-Kish reiterated the difficulty of the decision, citing the efforts made by ReedPop and its partners to make the event happen. He again acknowledged the challenges faced by interested companies and apologized to those who committed to E3 2023.

Why Was E3 2023 Cancelled?

ReedPop and the ESA will continue to collaborate on future E3 events. The event took place in the digital format in 2021, but that was preceded and succeeded by cancellations in 2020 and 2022 owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

E3’s return for 2023 was announced last June, alongside the confirmation of E3 2022’s cancellation. The news followed announcements by major industry players like Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, and more recently, Ubisoft, confirming that they would not attend E3 in any capacity. Instead, most companies are opting to host their own digital showcases.

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