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Effective Solutions for Bad Pixie Hair Cut

Year and year, as the growing number of young people abandon their comfort zones to appreciate the charm of modern practicality, the movement towards rocking the pixie cut also seems to be on the rise. But did you ever wonder why pixie haircut was still with the always fashion world in everybody’s lips for many years? Naturally, apart from a bold, trendy, stylish theme, this cut has more aces in the pit. Read below about: Bad Pixie Hair Cut.

Best Solutions for Pixie Cut Fail

If you find your pixie cut is terrible and you don’t want it anymore, you have a few options here.

  • Keep Patience

Patience is also a key to the growth of a pixie cut. To make hair a bob it takes around 6-9 months; before you can tie it in a full ponytail, you must wait up to 15 months. Therefore, if you want long hair, you will need some persistence. The good thing is that you can play around in several different looks.

  • Provide Nourishment to Your Hair

Try to still keep your hair as healthy as practicable if you intend to develop out of your hair. Short is more damaging than long hair and is unpleasant if you try to reach the long length. And even if you have split ends, the hair will grow, the damages can move up the hair shaft more rapidly than the scalp will build a new length. The best ideas for making your hair stay healthy at all stages are here:

  • Prevent washing, so that your hair and scalp healthy natural oils and protein are lost.
  • And use a shampoo conditioner to hold moisture in the hair shaft.
  • Use a shampoo without sulfate; it is suspected to strip natural oils’ hair through sulfate-containing shampoos and conditioners.
  • After cleaning, carefully run a wide-toothed comb from root to tip. Try to avoid brush-soaked hair as it can cause damage. Treat the hair softly as they may be very delicate.
  • Reduce the usage of warming equipment such as blow-drying, straightening or curling the hair.
  • In your everyday diet, add the rich nutrient fruits of nad vegetables. Consume nutritious foods includes iron, B, zinc and omega-3 vitamins that will make your hair healthier.

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  • Get Regular Trimmings

You should cut your hair every 8-10 weeks, to get rid of any split ends and maintain a shape while you grow.Hair dusting is a way to hold broken finishes at least when keeping long; dusting involves hair chopping around an 8th of an inch, as compared to regular cutting or trimming. You are prone to lose many lengths, but the damaged tips are cut off before they hit the shaft to create further breakage. Think of it as hair maintenance; you would have to take some time off if you delay too long to visit the saloons.

  • Style Pixie Cut In Different Ways

It would help if you started playing with numerous styling methods before your hair has the length you want to change your appearance. Smalls braids or bobby pins here and half-pixie-half-bob hair cut will provide any definition at this challenging halfway point.

It is also simple to believe that short hair can be as powerful and versatile as long hair, mainly if it is longer than a super crop. It’s one thing for quick updo’s that we’ll suggest. Twist or twist the hair and secure with the pin as the longer bits get uncontrolled. You may even pin the front sections of the face with your hair into a pompadour. Relieve the front layers with your trusted bobby pins, add the volume and secure it in place.

  • Style with Hair Accessories

Don’t underestimate the effect of bobby pins headbands and hair scarves if you want to shape a pixie cut.They tend to produce various looks and can be used with unpleasant layers until you start hitting a certain length. A 50-is-inspired headscarf knotted at the tip contains a lot of retro beauty and attitude.

  • Enjoy Your New Hair Length

It’s suggested to schedule a salon visit to shape your hair until your hair is of the same length on top, bottom, and sides. You may also assume that the pixie really is your real destiny in hair and chop it off again; you can either grow your hair more or hold it above your shoulders in a bob. It is still easier to spend time playing multiple styles of your hair, whatever you choose to do.

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