Eugene Jarvis Is Thinking About Remastering The ‘Cruis’n Trilogy’ For Nintendo Switch


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Cruis’n Blast arrives on Switch this September, a fact which is sure to revive interest in the long-running series of arcade racing games.

The series began life in 1994 as an arcade title, which was then ported to the Nintendo 64 two years later. It was so commercially successful that two arcade sequels followed – Cruis’n World and Cruis’n Exotica – both of which were also ported to the N64. Cruis’n Velocity arrived on the GBA in 2001, followed by 2007’s Cruis’n on Wii.

Speaking to us about the process of bringing Cruis’n Blast to Switch, Jarvis mentioned that he’s mulling over the idea of remastering some of the older titles in the series, namely the three arcade games:

We’ve been tossing around some ideas – one thing I’ve been tossing around is to remaster the classic arcade Cruis’n trilogy especially for the Switch, up-resing the content to full HD and solid 60Hz frame rate!

If Cruis’n Blast is successful, then perhaps we could see this come to fruition? Or maybe Jarvis and his team at Raw Thrills will look to create an all-new entry in the series? Let us know if you’d be interested in seeing that happen by posting a comment below.


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