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Since the advent of the internet, chat rooms have existed and thrived. People all over the world, in every setting, crave connection of some sort. A lot of them turn to chat rooms to help feel that connection, meet new people, and pass their time in some manner. The OMG chat room is one of the most popular ones out there, and a lot of others have popped up in imitation. Read more about Webcam Chat

 The OMG chat room community is composed of thousands of people across the globe of different ethnicities, cultures, religions, and ages. This means anyone looking to join the community has free access to get in touch with a thousand different minds and personalities, which is a privilege indeed. Two great features of this platform are the free webcam chat rooms and the option of starting a dialogue with random strangers. Four live webcams can be viewed at the same time, and there are different themed video chat rooms for your benefit as well. There is a private chat option also available which you can invite select people to.

Let us discover other instant video chat rooms and their different features in the list below:

1.     BitChat

BitChat is widely regarded as one of the top P2P, secure and open-source instant chat websites, following the footsteps of OMG Chat.

Bit CHat

BitChat messenger offers end to end encryption for privacy and provides an extremely strong security system which is essential for chat rooms such as BitChat. It is a detached messenger for both LAN and internet chat with its unique end to end encryption. The features of Bit Chat are separated into protected and peer to peer sections which are much like BitTorrent, and there is no connection with servers in any way.

They promise the ultimate privacy of their users by not storing any of their data. And not know the chats or their respective participants.

2.     ChatIW

The catchphrase tells the users to meet and chat with new friends across the world. ChatIW is a social mixing platform specifically designed for single individuals who want to form new relationships. It is quite a well developed social application that helps you filter through a large number of people and discussions and find what you are looking for, or rather who you are looking for. It also promises the elusive soul mate through its unique platform.


It has millions of users around the world, and you can connect with them without any registration whatsoever. You can enter any of their chat rooms by answering only a few basic questions about your age, gender, etc. The application only asks for further info and sign up if you want to start a conversation with someone special, and with that step, you can enjoy multiple features.

Never has it been so easy to make new friends. Planning a hangout? No problem. Finding your soul mate? BitChat is here at your service.

3.     ChatStep

Man is a social animal, and he needs social contact to grow and thrive. We have come a long way since man started using the writing on walls to communicate. Early man could never have imagined we would be tapping away at boxes to actually talk to people and really getting a reply back!


One of the social platforms we use is ChatStep which facilitates individual dialogues as well as group chat rooms. No one needs an account to join or create a chat on ChatStep which does give you the option of being the creator of your very own chat room. How cool is that?

4.     Kandan

Kandan is another one of those open-source platforms that have popped up as a means of secure communication. Similar to OMG Chat, Kandan does not need any extra Plug-in for your browser. Simply put, it is a safe, extremely fast, and stable messaging software based on the open-source licensed code that is distributed by the AGPL.

All web browsers are compatible with the Kandan messenger. There is no need to download additional software just to run Kandan as it is a web client. All you need to do is to log into the site using any browser installed on your individual computers, create an account, and start chatting to your heart’s content.

This messenger is known as one of the most progressive and unique chatting applications because of the different features it has to offer. There are chat rooms for different individuals, and there are chat rooms specially designed for workplace environments. This includes departmental chatting, teams chatting, project members chatting, and the list goes on. This gives the whole thing a very real-time feel, and we think that OMG Chat has a very tough competitor in Kandan.

5.     ChatSecure

The name of the chat room speaks for itself; meaning there is no securer and safer platform out there. But does the hype live up to the name? ChatSecure is the name of this messaging platform which is backed by the OTR encryption over XMPP. It is completely free, in case anyone was wondering, and offers the users the option to link to their existing Google accounts.


Furthermore, users can generate fresh accounts on their public XMPP servers aside from offering end to end encryption on chats. This makes ChatSecure even better than OMG Chat with regards to security and stability. The app can now be used without any worry about invasion of privacy.

Everyone eventually enters the world of internet chatting, and with the addition of video, the lure is hard to resist. The promise of forging new relationships with people oceans apart, from the comfort of your own home is too much to resist. It’s a good thing that we have OMG Chat and so many other platforms trying to make good on this promise.

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