Which Pokémon website do you prefer, Serebeii, Bulbapedia, or Pokémon Database?


Your Guide to Pokemon’s Comeback

From playing with Pokemon cards to turning on the television to watch Pokémon, we have all been interested in the franchise at one time or another. The trading with Pokémon cards began early on, and the depth of each of those “Pocket Monsters” mixed with our playful imagination meant that Pokémon shaped our childhood very colorfully and magically. We all took pride in owning the fiery Charizard or the magical Arceus. Our cards were one of the most prized possessions, and on a personal level, I let go of that possession late in life!


If you did not join the massively popular franchise of Pokémon during your childhood, you were allowed to step into the magical world of Pokémon after the release of Pokemon Go. The popularity of Pokémon surged after the release of Pokémon Go. It was based on the concept of augmented reality, and this concept was very well received worldwide. Pokémon Go had several technical problems, but the game was downloaded by a mass majority of Pokémon fans around the world. The concept was praised a lot by fans and critics alike, but they did have their differences with the criticism of its technical limitations. After the success of Pokémon Go, there is a new version of the Pokémon game that is coming out this year, Pokemon Sleep. Pokemon Sleep promises to be a bigger upgrade on Pokemon Go. Let’s see how it does!

Pokemon Adapting
Pokemon Adapting to Latest Trends

Pokemon Adapting to Latest Trends:

Given the increasing amount of success that Pokemon games have gotten over the years, the franchise has made a name for itself. Its transition and adaptation to the digital world and the way it has incorporated the latest trends with its gameplay and story shows that Pokemon will not die once the old generation is done with it, Pokemon online will keep on converting the new generation to become fans of the age-old fantastic game. There are several Pokemon games online, that people play all around the world, and it will continue to occupy the minds of people around the world.

Pokemon Sleep promises to be a bigger upgrade on Pokemon Go

Best Pokemon Outlets:

For the Pokemon fans, who are a little more obsessed with the franchise than just regular fans, there are multiple online fan-websites that people love to visit. We will look at some of the best websites that you can use to stay up to date with all the information about various Pokemon and the latest news and updates on your favorite games and developments, etc. The three of the most used websites are:

Best Pokemon Outlets

1) Bulbapedia:

Bulbapedia is a know-it-all encyclopedia that you can access. It is a fan-made copy of Wikipedia but one that covers almost everything related to Pokemon. The name was chosen cleverly, it is an amalgam of grass-type start Pokemon named Bulbasaur, and they have added the “pedia” at the end of it. Bulbapedia has well over 35,000 Pokemon-related articles. It is a part of the much larger Bulbagarden which has the Bulbapedia along with news forums, live chats, discussion forums, and a gallery too which entertains fan art. It has been around for almost 15 years now and is a reliable source of information in staying up to date with the world of Pokemon.


2) Serebii:

While Bulbapedia is focused on the general details, Serebii is focused mainly on providing detailed information and are usually the first to know about any updates. The user interface of Serebii is not as great as one would hope for it to be. However, if you are mainly concerned about reading all the updates, this is the ideal place for you. It has lists of all the Pokemon, from all the generations, details on the swords and shields, release dates of the upcoming games, and a wide range of information on the TV shows and Pokemon movies.


3) Pokemon Database:

Pokemon Database is well managed and a pretty decent outlet. They have a friendly user interface, and it contains a very comfortable to read format that is a huge upgrade on the one offered by Serebii. It has a very decent question and answers section that is updated regularly, and you can get all your queries answered. However, if you are into reading about information on Pokemon anime, then this is not the place for you, as they do not have that. They do have news and updates, but they are not updated as regularly and as fast as Serebii is.

Pokemon Database

At the end of the day, they all offer things that the other one does not. For casual Pokemon fans, the Pokemon Database is a good option. Serebii is ideal if you are always looking for the latest updates and you can deal with the slightly bothersome user interface. For the competitive battlers and the people who want to know updates regarding the game, the best option for you is Bulbapedia.

Nostalgia and Childhood Revisited:

Although, the shift from the cards of Pokemon to this digital era of Pokemon has brought about a new generation of fans. There are still millions of people who are attached to the original and the first generation of Pokemon. It was a game-changer, at the time, and the imagination that it brought and the way it allowed us to enter the magical world of these creatures were simply beautiful. While, the majority of the first-generation fans have not, yet, started playing all these latest games, they have still kept themselves attached to the franchise in one way or another. I was one of those who went to see Detective Pikachu in theatres. I was very happy to see lots of people of my age coming in and enjoying the movie. It is great to see how Satoshi Tijari’s brainchild has progressed so much over more than two decades. Pokemon, certainly, made our childhood special, and I hope it continues to do the same for many generations to come!

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