How Fire Tonight Took A Decades-Old Synth-Pop Song, And Made A Game Out Of It – Feature

Information Society in 2019, looking extremely cool
Information Society in 2019, looking extremely cool (Image: Jonathan Shelgosh)

You might think that there would be more video games based on songs, and yet, there really aren’t. At least, I can’t think of any, but then again, I am writing this at 10am on a rainy Friday morning, so my brain isn’t exactly at its peak.

But Fire Tonight, named after Information Society’s 1990 synthy single, is exactly that: A story that’s pulled directly from someone else’s lyrics.

As lead vocalist and band co-founder Kurt Harland Larson croons in the chorus, “there’s a fire tonight on your side of town” — and what a set-up for a puzzle game that is. Maya and Devin, lovers separated by a raging fire across the city, will have to overcome the flames, the police, and many locked doors in order to get back together again.

We had the chance to speak to both the developers of Fire Tonight, and Kurt Harland Larson himself, about how the game came together — and what it’s like to have a game based on a song you wrote decades ago.

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