How To Get Your Cat to Love the Vet

Cats are notoriously finicky; they are very clear on what they do love and what they don’t love.

It also is no secret that cats are not too keen on visits to the vet. So, what should you do if you have a cat that might need medication or even just an examination?

Talk To Your Vet

First and foremost, you’ll need to get your cat acquainted with your local vet. Call the team at and ask for local vets that have experience in dealing with cats.

If you can’t get your cat to trust your local vet, then it might be worth considering changing vets. Try visiting the new vet twice with your cat in tow before making any appointments.

Limit Touching

Cats don’t enjoy being touched by strangers, so they’re not going to be exactly cooperative most of the time. The key is to introduce your cat to new people in their environment with care and patience; doing this will help things will go much smoother.

While cats are not overly fond of strangers, most do love their owners; you’ll need to use it to your advantage.

Keep Quiet

Cats are very sensitive creatures that may be frightened or intimidated by loud noises or sudden movements, such as the noises found in the car.

Try to get your cat used to the car before you take them to the vet. This will make the ride a lot smoother for you and your cat.

Stay Calm

When going in, try to keep things calm and quiet, let the cat roam around a little before beginning any examination.

Cats can be quite nervous around many people coming and going, so try not to have too many people fussing over them on their first visit. Just one or two is enough for starters, then build from there.

When you first bring your cat into the office, they may act quite timid or aggressive. It’s normal for cats to be protective of their territory. Just reassure them that everything is all right and that you’re not there to hurt them, love them and make sure no strange people enter the room.

Let Your Cat Pee Before The Appointment 

If you take your cat in with a full bladder, your cat is likely to be very uncomfortable during them examination.

Your vet should be able to provide cat litter if required.

Make Friends With The Vet

Your vet will be used to nervous pets, so they should know how to make friends with your pet and get them comfortable with little effort. Sometimes a quick and gentle pet under the chin and a gentle, calm voice work wonders.

Get Your Cat Used To The Carrier 

If your cat happens to be nervous, then it might help if you get them used to being in a carrier before going into the office. They will feel more secure, and this will help calm them down when it comes to .

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