How To Play The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles With The Original Japanese Audio – Guide


The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles finally got the English localisation that we’ve been craving for years, but… what if we actually want to play it with the original Japanese audio for maximum authenticity?

That’s totally possible, as it turns out — and we’ll show you how!

What you’ll want to do first is make sure that you’ve saved your game, and head to the Main Menu.

Voice options

From there, go to “Options”, and select “Language”, and you’ll have the ability to switch between the Japanese and English audio. This option is not available while you’re playing any of the cases, and it seemingly only affects the actual voice lines — which can mostly be heard in the “Objection”, “Hold It”, “Scuse Me” interjections, as well as the animated scenes. The text will all still be in English, so it’s more for flavour than anything else.

The Japanese is "ちょっと!" — "Chotto!", meaning "excuse me!"
The Japanese is “ちょっと!” — “Chotto!“, meaning “excuse me!

Have fun playing in the original language!


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