Indian Army Day 2022 Quotes: The day to express our commitments and profound resolve

The Indian army day is a wonderful way to show our gratitude to our nation’s soldiers for protecting our country. The 74th Army Day is being celebrated on 15 January 2022 to honor the exemplary services of the Indian soldiers who have served their country, it is observed across Army Command Headquarters across the country. Besides this, primarily this day is dedicated to honoring the services of Field Marshal Kodandera M. Cariappa because, on this day in 1949, the brave Indian army managed to secure their very first army chief. M. cariappa who later become familiar as field marshal was given the crucial post of an Indian chief of army on the 15th of January 1949. Read below about – Indian Army Day 2022 Quote

He was the very first luckiest person to serve as Indian army chief as the last British commander in chief of India named General Sir Francis Butcher had handed over this vital command to Marshal Kodanddera M. Chopra.

The Indian Army is the most powerful force in the world. The soldiers who serve in the Indian Army have been a great inspiration to the nation. The motto of the army, ‘I am the Army’, embodies the spirit and bravery of the troops. No tribute is worth more than a soldier’s life. Being an officer in the armed forces means sacrificing your comforts and personal relationships to serve your country

Indian Army Day commemorates the courage and sacrifice of the Indian army. Keep on reading Indian army day quotes 2022 to get motivated to work for the betterment of our country. During the day, India commemorates the sacrifices of its brave soldiers who fought for the country. This day also honors the sacrifices of soldiers during wars and in peace. During the year, the army is a symbol of freedom, equality, and democracy.

Indian Army Day Quotes 2022:

  • “There will be no withdrawal without written orders and these orders shall never be issued.”- Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw
  • Either I will come back after hoisting the Tricolor (Indian flag), or I will come back wrapped in it, but I will be back for sure”Captain Vikram Batra
  • “The enemy is only 50 yards from us. We are heavily outnumbered. We are under devastating fire. I shall not withdraw an inch but will fight to our last man and our last round.” – Major Som Nath Sharma
  • “Only Best of the Friends and Worst of the Enemies Visit Us” – Indian Army
  • ”Some goals are so worthy, it’s glorious even to fail.” – Capt Manoj Kumar Pande
  • “You have never lived until you have almost died, and for those who choose to fight, Life has a special flavor, the protected will never know.” – Capt. R Subramaniam
  • “We fight to win and win with a knockout because there are no runners up in war.” – General JJ Singh
  • “No Sir, I will not abandon my tank. My gun is still working and I will get these bastards.” – Lt. Arun Kehtarpal
  • “If death strikes, before I prove my blood, I swear I’ll kill death.” – Capt. Manoj Kumar Pandey
  • “They tell us to marry, but I told them that I am already married to my country when I was Born”. Great Indian soldier
  • “Tell my love to never cry because I am an Indian soldier who has always been born to Die”.
  • “Two stars on my shoulder are better than millions in the sky”
  • “My aim is not to die for the country, but to live each day for its integrity, and defend it with every cent of my will”

Whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer, Indian soldiers are renowned for their loyalty, love of country, and people. This love for their country and people is unmatched by any other. The Indian Army is a powerful force, and it will always be admired and respected by the people

The Indian Army has played a vital role in the country’s history. The first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army, Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa, took over the power of the Army in 1949. This day marks the 74th anniversary of the Indian Army.

Message on Indian Army Day 2022:

v Don’t restrict us to commemorating our brave soldier’s day who are there round the clock to protect us.

  • Our brave army is a great sense of inspiration for us and we must follow in their footsteps to contribute to the stability, prosperity, and development of our country.

The Indian Army has sacrificed for their country in many ways. Today, the Indian Army has been in the world for centuries, and its soldiers have stood for their nation with distinction. The Shaurya Chakra, India’s peacetime gallantry medal, is awarded to both soldiers and civilians for their acts of bravery. This medal is the highest honor that the Indian Army can award to civilians

The Indian Army is a unique force in our nation. Its members are dedicated to the protection of the nation. Every soldier is passionate about their duty. These men and women are known for their dedication to their nation and their love of people. They are also known as the most ferocious and courageous forces in the world. In addition to these traits, the soldiers of the Indian Army are a testament to these traits.

The Indian Army is a significant force in many nations. In times of war, the Indian Army’s soldiers have made their country safer by defending their nation. The Shaurya Chakra is the peacetime gallantry medal awarded to soldiers and civilians who have demonstrated exceptional valor. This award is the highest honor given to soldiers in India. The honor is also a symbol of pride for their bravery.

The Indian Army plays a major role in disasters and is committed to becoming the War Winning Team. The day began at India Gate with a ceremony to honor fallen soldiers. During the ceremony, military personnel is honored with a Sena Medal, a famed service award, and other awards. This is an important event for the Indian Army. There is a great deal of pride and a sense of duty.

The Indian Army has been a major force in the world for centuries and has carved a niche for itself. The soldier of the Indian Army doesn’t fear any threat. He’s equipped with the necessary skills and training to defend the country’s integrity. With a proud tradition of valor and sacrifice, the Indian Army continues to serve the country. Its legacy of sacrifice and nationalism lives on in the Indian Army and the nation’s people.

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