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MediaTek Petonic 1000, Kompanio Chipsets Launched

MediaTek is a popular name when it comes to smartphone chipsets, competing with the likes of Qualcomm. The brand has released new chipsets – Petonic 1000, Komanio 520, and Kompanio 528. The new processors are built to power smart TVs and Chromebooks. Can MediaTek give a tough competition to other chipmakers like Intel?

Going into the details, the MediaTek Petonic 1000 chipset is built for high-end smart TVs. On the other hand, the Kampanio processors are designed to power next-gen Chromebooks. Both chipsets will be available in 2023, so one can expect more gadgets with MediaTek SoCs next year.

MediaTek Pentonic 1000 SoC for TVs Announced

MediaTek claims the new Pentonic 1000 processor is designed to power 4K smart TVs that can support up to variable refresh rates of 144Hz. The new processor supports Wi-Fi 6E, which can be quite handy for improved Wi-Fi speeds to explore TV content. It also supports Auto Low Latency Mode which could enhance gaming experiences as well.

The new MediaTek Pentonic 1000 chipset offers a multi-core CPU and dual-core GPU and supports decoding of ATSC 3.0, AV1, HEVC, VP9, AVS3, and upcoming VVC (H.266) standards. Additionally, MediaTek claims it comes with cutting-edge voice assistant features along with Dolby Atmos immersive sound.

MediaTek Komanio Chipsets Launched for Chromebooks

Apart from the Pentonic 1000, MediaTek has also announced the Komanio 520 and Komanio 528 SoCs that are built for entry-level Chromebooks.

Both the MediaTek Komanio 520 and Komanio 528 chipsets are octa-core CPUs with two Cortex-A76 CPUs. The MediaTek Komanio 520 operates with 2GHz cores and the Kompanio 528 with 2.2GHz cores.

MediaTek also claims both Komanio chipsets come with dual-core AI processing units or APUs. The processors also support Wi-Fi 6 standards that ensure fast, stable, and reliable connectivity for users. The chipsets are also designed to support 32MP cameras with FHD+ displays.

New MediaTek Chipsets Coming to India?

The newly announced MediaTek chipsets, especially the Komanio chipsets are designed for entry-level gadgets. This might be ideal for budget-conscious audiences in the Indian market. As a strong competitor to other chip manufacturers like Intel and Qualcomm, the new MediaTek processors can make their way to the sub-continent shores in 2023.

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