Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Unfazed By Apple Vision Pro



Apple unveiled its much-awaited mixed reality headset, the Apple Vision Pro, at WWDC earlier this week. Although the hefty price tag of $3,499 suggests that it is intended for the premium VR market, that doesn’t stop comparisons with existing VR headsets like the Meta Quest Pro.

However, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t seem too bothered by it, going by his latest statement. He said that the device didn’t offer any “magical solutions” that Meta hadn’t “already explored and thought of.”

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg Unfazed By Apple Vision Pro

Mark Zuckerberg Reacts to Apple Vision Pro

In a meeting with Meta employees, Zuckerberg said that from what he has seen initially, Apple’s vision for how customers will use the device is “not the one that I want.” He added that both companies are approaching the concept differently.

“There’s a real philosophical difference in terms of how we’re approaching this. And seeing what they put out there and how they’re going to compete just made me even more excited and in a lot of ways optimistic that what we’re doing matters and is going to succeed,” said the Meta CEO.

Zuckerberg was quick to point out that the upcoming Meta Quest 3, priced at $499, is much more affordable than the Apple Vision Pro. He spoke of the Vision Pro’s higher resolution display, stating, “between that and all the technology they put in there to power it, it costs seven times more.”

He added that the device “now requires so much energy that now you need a battery and a wire attached to it to use it. They made that design trade-off and it might make sense for the cases that they’re going for.”

Zuckerberg stated that the Quest is about “people interacting in new ways and feeling closer” and also about “being active and doing things.” The Meta CEO contrasted it with Apple’s Vision Pro demo which showed “a person sitting on a couch by themself.”


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published: Friday, June 9, 2023, 16:30 [IST]


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