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Meta’s Quest Pro VR Headset Launched At Rs. 1.23 Lakh

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled “Meta Quest Pro”, the company’s latest VR (Virtual Reality) AR (Augmented Reality), and mixed reality headset. The high-end device introduces eye tracking and mixed reality.

The Meta Quest Pro is the elder sibling of the Quest 2 VR headset. The fully-wireless device costs $1499, which is almost four times the price of its predecessor. There are several benefits and features that put the Quest Pro in a different league.

Meta Quest Pro Specifications

The Meta Quest Pro is the flagship VR headset from Meta. The social media giant has incorporated cutting-edge technologies within the VR headset. The VR headset gets a new optical stack, which is supposed to be significantly better than the Fresnel lenses found in the Quest 2. The headset promises to offer a blend of VR, AR, and mixed reality.

The Quest Pro is the first device to get the new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ platform. Meta claims the SoC (System on a Chip) is designed and optimized specifically for virtual reality. The chipset can “run at 50% more power than Meta Quest 2 with better thermal dissipation,” boasted the company.

Compared to the Quest 2 VR headset, the Meta Quest Pro is supposed to have 37% more PPI (Pixels Per Inch) and 10% greater pixels per degree. In simple terms, the Quest Pro can offer a clearer and sharper image with a wide field of view as compared to the Quest 2 headset. The device offers a full-color mixed-reality experience.

The flagship VR headset has a slimmer and more compact design. This is because Meta has embedded a curved-cell battery on the rear headrest. Coupled with the “pancake-shaped lenses” on the front, makes it evenly balanced, claims the company. The Quest Pro gets a dedicated cradle or dock for charging wirelessly. Needless to mention, the headset can work in wireless or tether-free mode.

Meta Quest Pro Isn’t For The Metaverse, But Games Work

The Meta Quest Pro costs $1499 (approx. Rs. 1,23,000). The Quest 2 costs just $399. Needless to mention, that’s a huge difference in price. Although the Meta Quest Pro has way better features, it is highly unlikely that gamers would buy the headset primarily for gaming or for the Metaverse.

Meta has previously indicated that the Quest Pro is designed for professionals or “prosumers”. Incidentally, Quest Pro is backward compatible with Quest 2 apps and games. This means gamers with deep pockets can purchase the headset for gaming or the Metaverse, even though it is clearly not intended for the purpose.

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