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All You Need To Know About Bifold Doors

Bi fold doors installation can make a huge impact on the quality of your life as they increase the exposure to sunlight and fresh air by providing a seamless blend of inside and outside spaces. Bi fold doors can also add value to your house as they are much more than an average house renovation. These doors are very popular but despite their popularity, they are not for everyone. This is why we thought to provide a guide discussing the pros and cons of bi-fold doors to facilitate the homeowners in deciding whether bi-fold doors are a good option for their homes or not. Read all about – Bifold Doors below.

Bi-Fold Doors Pros

Easy To Install

Even if you are looking to restore an entire wall in your house or to just install a couple of doors in a compact opening then bi fold doors are ideal for that. You can easily install any number of doors in most sites, including the bay windows or in the corner.

Easy To Maintain

If you wish to have a wall replacement done then you can include a traffic door there to make easy and quick entrances along with exits without opening or closing various panels. While the conventional bi fold patio doors require to be fitted with raised tracks which can create a potential tripping hazard as a consequence of a raised threshold. Bi fold doors, however, can be installed onto a flushed floor level which can get rid of all these issues as well as provide an attractive looking finish.

Bi Fold Doors
The structure of the bi fold doors is flexible which means you can open the doors all the way on a sunny day and close them completely in case of a storm.

 Bi fold doors can be installed with several safety features such as finger-safe as well as anti-bump to avoid any mishaps which are also a great idea if you have children in the house. bi fold doors can also stack neatly as they are fitted on tracks with man folding points.

It is very easy to maintain and keep in good condition the aluminum or the UPVC bi fold doors. These doors only ask for a seasonal wipe down that can be done using cleaning sprays just the way you use them for cleaning your windows.

A combination of natural light along with fresh air is heavenly and this can be conveniently done in the presence of bi fold doors. But if you are one of those individuals who want to enjoy nature without any privacy violation then it is best to install your bi fold doors with bespoke blinds.


Bi fold doors come in various styles, designs, and configurations which make them a perfect pick for modern as well as traditional houses. They can enhance houses of every size including those with bespoke designs to go well with unconventional needs. Bi fold doors when they are folded back can be folded both inwardly and outwardly, so you can select the set-up as per your home needs.

The structure of the bi fold doors is flexible which means you can open the doors all the way on a sunny day and close them completely in case of a storm.


As aluminum is strong it makes as a perfect pick for the frames. It is also light, lasts for a very long time, and easy to maintain. Aluminum can also be finished with a metallic effect or in a wood-grain or may be powder coated with a color of your pick. For a more classic finish, you can opt for timber frames but they will need more maintenance as well as an aluminum core for strength.


Bifold patio doors are more secure and safer than the currently available patio doors, especially those that are made using aluminum. Bi-fold doors have several locking points all over the structure. These doors are installed onto enclosed tracks to make sure that no intruders are able to pull them off their tracks and make way inside your house.

Bi-Fold Doors Cons

Increased Amount of Frame

There is a dedicated frame in each glass pane and as the bi-fold doors close the frame ca end up obstructing the view. However, this can be fixed easily by opting for more slender options for the frame and shying away from using frames of darker colors.

No Threshold

Although in terms of safety the lack of threshold is a positive but it can also present a major problem with the installation of the bi-fold doors and can have an impact on correct installation. Without the presence of any barrier between the outside and the inside ground, water can make its way to inside the house which can although be prevented with a drainage system or by making a slope slightly away from the doors.

Stacked Doors

One of the problems with bifold doors is that they have to be stacked up in the house. this can be an issue for people with limited indoor space. Therefore it is best to consult with an installer to select the best door option for your house.


As the installation of the bi-fold doors involves a lot of glass and frame which is why these are a bit costly. Also, among other problems with bifold doors installation, another one is that it has to be customized which further increases the cost. The installation charges also vary from one supplier to another. The type of glass used as well as the finish of it also adds to the overall price.


In the end, it depends on the preference of the user. If you want to be able to completely open the doors to have that flawless transition from inside to outside, then you should opt for bi fold doors. But if you wish to maximize the size of the glass or something that would reduce the amount of frame to make the most of the view then install sliding doors. Bifold doors are perfect for integrating your house into the natural surroundings which is one of the main reasons why people prefer to have interior bifold doors installed.

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