New Xbox Series X Wireless Controller Revealed With Beautiful Aqua Shift Special Edition Design

Xbox is no stranger to offering a wide variety of controller options with unique colors and designs. That being said, the newly revealed Aqua Shift Special Edition Xbox wireless controller may just be the most beautiful peripheral revealed for this gen to date.

It’s shimmery, it’s a calming blue, and it’s coming out soon with the newest Xbox wireless controller being added to the lineup. In addition to the Design Lab’s return that allows Xbox fans to create their own unique designs, this special edition Aqua Shift design is a cool blue with notes of icier tones and smooth purples. With a similarly colored palette of triggers, joysticks, and buttons, the entire design of the latest controller may just be lovely enough to curb some of that rage quit buildup. Maybe. 

According to the official Xbox blog post revealing the newest controller, “Aqua shift features a surreal, color-shifting blue shimmer that you need to see to believe. Playing with the way the prismatic color moves across our controller, you’ll feel like Aqua Shift comes to life in your hands. Inspired by the fantasy that gaming brings into our lives, we know this mystical beauty will add that magic your controller collection needs.”

Xbox also adds that this is the first special edition Xbox Series X/S controller to feature rubberized grips with a “unique dual-color swirl.” For those interested, the newest wireless controller is available to pre-order right here for $69.99. This new controller will work on both this generation of Xbox systems and the Xbox One console, which is great as supply issues are still a prominent frustration for those aiming to get a Series X/S. 

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