Wreckfest Collides With Carmageddon In New Crossover Tournament

Wreckfest gets a free update today that’s fueled by nostalgia for the car combat games of old. In this case, Carmageddon is making a grand comeback in the form of a new tournament themed after the cult favorite series.

It’s a fitting marriage. Both franchises are all about smashing opponents to bits in violent high-speed races (although one has significantly more cows involved). The month-long Carmageddon Tournament kicks off today and features two big events alongside a pair of new tracks. 

Carnage Accumulator takes place in Carmageddon’s Bleak City map. This free-roaming mode challenges racers to mow down zombies and destroy AI racers to rack up the highest score possible with a three-minute time limit. 

Death Race is a weekly event set in either Bleak City or Devil’s Canyon, another classic Carmageddon track. The objective is simple: race through various checkpoints using Carmageddon: Max Damage’s Eagle R vehicle and cause as much wanton destruction as possible along the way. Players also receive the Eagle R as a free reward just for playing.

Perhaps the coolest element of the tournament is the incorporation of Carmageddon’s flat, pixelated assets with Wreckfest’s 3D world (which looks even sharper on new-gen hardware, by the way). While it’s not the most substantial update in the world, it’s a fun idea that allows THQ Nordic to flex Carmageddon in a meaningful way since it acquired the IP in 2018. Could this be a small step in a larger return for the series? There’s always a chance, especially since Wreckfest, along with titles like Destruction AllStars and Onrush, have helped carve out a new niche for more destruction-focused racing games. 

Wreckfest is available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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