PUBG, Relevant Again?

PUBG became a sensation, overnight. It really spread like wildfire among young and old people, alike. It is hard to find a person who has not played PUBG, at least, once. Everyone all around you was playing it. However, soon, like most things, a slightly negative connotation got attached to it. There were claims that it teaches people to be violent. It is not the ideal game for kids and it was banned in a few countries, as well. I really do not agree with any of it. I grew up playing the GTAs, Metal Slug, COD etc, but I did not turn violent. I have never used a gun in real life, honestly! People were quick to attach the blame of the Christchurch terror attacks on PUBG, as well. This is just loose journalism and making irrelevant things the scapegoat for their own shortcomings. I do not believe in it, at all. PUBG is a game, and it should be treated like one. Entertainment and real life are very separate. It makes no sense to bring a complex mindset into something that is entertaining for a large number of people, all around the world. It is actually addictive, and an escape from reality. It’s pretty amazing if you want to blow off some steam. Plus, imagine the possibilities, imagine being able to kill your boss in the game. That is like revenge in the most beautiful of ways, possible. So, I think it’s important to treat the terror attacks separately. There is a much bigger possibility that the terrorists were actually mentally unstable, rather than putting the blame on a harmless game. 

Hack for PUBG:

PUBG despite being banned can still be downloaded through PUBG Mod APK from Google. That is a great way of still playing the game. I mean, you should buy it, if you can, but if you cannot then it’s a great hack. It is for the Android users, though. This PUBG Mod APK 2020 version has actually gained more significance than any previous version. This is down to many reasons. One of the major reasons is the variety of things you can get. You can enjoy all the features from the actual version. You can get more features, which you cannot actually get from the actual game developers. It also gives you an edge over your opponent. It is, well, frowned upon, but, anything for winning, right? It is a hacked version, yes, but when you are getting all the maximum number of features and the experience of the actual version on your Android, what more could you possibly want? 

PUBG and Coronavirus:

Another thing that has boosted the popularity of this version has been the recent events, all around the world. The world was shocked with this coronavirus development. It has hit the world like nothing has ever before. It has brought the entire world to a halt. Nothing is, like it was just a month ago and more than billions of people around the world are experiencing at least some kind of a lockdown in their respective countries. These lockdowns have continued for at least two weeks in some countries and up to more than a month in others. With no end in sight, and no light at the end of the tunnel, people are starting to accept the reality and have stopped fighting the urge to go outside. The sooner you do so, the better it is. It’s a relatively new experience for everyone and it is one, which is a little tough to swallow. I mean there is only so much you can do by staying at home, right? 

This turn of events has led to people using their phones, a lot more. My screen time touched 10 hours, as well. That’s insane, honestly speaking; I was a bit disgusted with myself. I mean a regular person sleeps for around seven to eight hours and if you are still using your phone around the double hour digit, that means, your usage is unmatched and off the charts. This increased usage has allowed people to download games and that has seen a spike in the number of people that play PUBG. It is being downloaded more and more. It is being played by more people for a larger amount of time. As I mentioned before, it really is an escape from reality. I personally feel really great when I get to play PUBG with my friends. Everyone, obviously, misses their friends and this helps you connect with them. It also instills a strong feeling of fraternity among your group of friends and when all of you play together, it almost fools you into believing that you are hanging out with your group of friends, once again. Plus the PUBG APK Mod version gives you more chances of being the best among your friends, so, this is one of the major reasons why people opt for it.

PUBG is not the problem:

This actually shows that games like PUBG are not the problem. They only provide you with entertainment that you need. If they are awakening a sense of violence in you, then you are the problem. The game is definitely not the problem. You should, ideally, see a therapist, at the first sign of trouble and ensure if there is something wrong. For the rest, it is a great game, it is a great way of calming yourself down and doing something exciting in a not-so-exciting time. If you have not played it, yet, trust me, you are absolutely missing out on something great. I mean some people do not play or watch things which are very much in demand. It’s understandable, they want to have different kind of taste, but in this case, going against the popular demand is not the best of ideas. You do not understand how fun it can be and I am pretty certain, once you play it, you won’t stop playing it! 

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