Scandi Girls Swear By These 30 Efficient Skincare Products


Nnenna Echem is a content creator based in Oslo. She admits she’s more of a maximalist when it comes to skincare, but that doesn’t mean her routine isn’t effectively and consciously curated: “I love doing the most when it comes to my skin, and my seven-step morning routine is something I love doing every day!” 

What is your current skincare routine? 

For my morning routine, I start off with a double cleanse, first with an oil-based cleanser and then with a gentle cleanser. Then I go over with a toner. After toner, I go on to use a vitamin C serum. The next step in my routine is to moisturize, and I finish off with sunscreen.

My night routine is similar to my morning routine, but I have switched out some products and, of course, added retinol. So I start off with a double cleanse. I then go over my face with toner, exactly as I did in my morning routine. Then I use a pea size of retinol and let it rest for about 10 minutes. Lastly, I use a lip mask and wake up with the softest lips ever!

If you had to name one skincare product you love the most, which one would it be?

I have combination skin and struggle with pigmentation scarring from acne, and I have found that Elixir Niactil 4% is a product I always go back to. It helps with my pigmentation and also hydrates my skin. It’s a product everyone should have.

Are there any habits, routines, or treatments you use and love?

I love dipping my face into ice water. It really helps to tighten my pores and is amazing if you have oily skin. I do this every other day. 

How would you sum up the Scandinavian beauty aesthetic/philosophy? 

In Scandinavia, I would say that less is more and as few ingredients as possible. … When it comes to Scandinavian beauty and skincare, we believe in “natural” beauty with clean, effective products. We also love to use the nature and ocean in our skincare and wellness routine, e.g. cold plunging and sauna, which is very popular here in Oslo. There are a lot of people who usually cold-plunge and use a sauna before they go to work in the morning.


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