Sony PlayStation Handheld Console Being Developed for Remote Play: Report



Sony is working on a PlayStation handheld console, according to a new report by Insider Gaming. If the report is true, the company might be getting back into the portable gaming scene after more than a decade. To recall, Sony’s PlayStation Vita debuted back in 2012.

PlayStation Handheld Console: Not a Vita Successor

Disappointingly, the purported Sony PlayStation handheld device will not be a standalone console like the PS Vita. The upcoming console, codenamed Q Lite, will only work with the PlayStation 5 via Remote Play.

Sony PlayStation Handheld Console Being Developed for Remote Play: Rep

For those in the dark, Remote Play lets users control their PlayStation remotely through a high-speed internet connection. This allows users to play their PlayStation games anywhere they want.

Essentially, the rumored PlayStation Q Lite will only be able to stream PlayStation 5 games. According to the report, the upcoming PS handheld console will not function as a cloud-streaming device.

PlayStation Handheld Console Rumored Features

According to the Insider Gaming report, the upcoming PlayStation handheld console will work like a PlayStation 5 DualSense controller with a large 8-inch LCD touchscreen panel in the center. The display will be capable of streaming 1080p content at 60fps.

The console, codenamed Project Q Lite, will be equipped with adaptive triggers and buttons for haptic feedback. In addition, it will feature volume buttons, speakers, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

The report adds that the new handheld console could debut before the PlayStation 5 Pro. The device will likely launch after the PlayStation 5 with a detachable disk drive, a new wireless headset, and wireless earphones, releases in September. Considering these timelines, the PlayStation Q Lite could debut in late 2024.

It remains to be seen how the PS Q Lite will compete with popular handheld consoles such as the Nintendo Switch and the Valve Steam Deck. Both consoles appear to be superior to the PS Q Lite, as they offer cloud gaming. There’s no word on the pricing yet.


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