The 80s fashion and the 70s fashion; how a decade changed everything!

Introduction – 80s and 70s fashion

According to Vogue magazine, there is no rule in playing the fashion game; you just play it and make the game up as you go. However, what remains intact was the element of comfort, beauty, and individual preference to standing out in each decade particularly with respect to 80s outfits and 70s fashion.

What was rampant in the 70s fashion?

If we walk down the memory lane, in retrospect, we will see that the 70s fashion had nothing that was too much alluring or attractive. This means that at that time, even if one took a walk around the block, he would find women’s 70s fashion commonplace. Mostly, the dominant dresses were the tie-dyed tight T-shirt, Indian block-print bedspread dresses, and long calico dresses, boots hooked from the front, microminis, maxi coats, and hip hugger jeans.

70s fashion; a blend of all fashion moods

Even though the 70s fashion was an ordinary decade, yet there was still something special about it. The decade offered people variety and lots of choices. In fact, their will to wear what they like best was prevalent. The decade was the amalgamation of 60s hippies and unconventional dresses that dominated the mood of departmental stores. The mature and elderly women preferred the 40s and 50s somber and dignified dressing. Furthermore, there was a revival of 20s flapper fashion and shift dresses. And for the most part, there was a return of Victorian dressing in the form of hand-made peasant clothes.

The era won the fashion battle!

At the end of the day, casualness and comfort end up winning the 70s fashion battle. The flexibility and adaptation in clothes demonstrated that the mod style was fusing in the simple ease, less plastic, and hippie outlook with a tailored chic. In conclusion, 70s fashion and outfits were the reflection of one’s personality and choices in life.

The 80s outfits; changing the mood of the fashion air!

The 80s fashion and the 80s outfits were in stark contrast to the somber and mish-mash 70s fashion. There was a return to bright and flamboyant colors, along with big shoulders and great statement style varieties making the 80s fashion women range full of vitality and energy.

The 80s fashion women couture

The 80s fashion was all about extravagances aiming to load the wardrobes with lush varieties in clothing, shoes, and accessories. Anything that was big, bold, and glamorous rocked the 80s fashion ramp. The desire and love for designer labels and brands dominated the mood of 80s outfits. Thus, the 80s fashion women hip hop and loud music culture led to baggy silhouettes and athletic detailing categorized by the bright and flashing colors and big patterns.

On the other hand, the 80s punk fashion highlighted rebellious touch in 80s outfits making it different from the decade’s glamorous inauguration. Thus, what gave the punk 80s, an intense and edgy feeling was the ripped jeans, band T-shirts, heavy-duty boots, and studded leather jackets.

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