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The Best Episodes of Season 3


The Small Things Often podcast from The Gottman Institute is a hit with listeners looking to improve their relationships. This season we explored ways you can love your partner better, trust your partner more, and build up the friendship between you.

The following ten episodes are handpicked as some of the best episodes of the season.


Love Out Loud

Our first episode of season 3 started off with a love explosion. In this Smalls Things Often, we discuss how sharing fondness and admiration for your partner in noticeable ways helps build a healthy connection.

Questions Happy Couples Ask Each Other

Couples can feel like they talk all the time but aren’t connecting. This episode offers conversation-starters that lead to meaningful communication.

How to Use a Repair Remote Control

This was a clever idea! Can you think of your relationship as a remote control? When it comes to conflict, learn how to rewind, fast forward, and pause to make effective repairs.

Dr. Julie Gottman’s Guided Relaxation Exercise

We had a real treat this season when Dr. Julie Gottman offered to guide our listeners through a relaxation meditation. Listen when you need to self-soothe or wind down.

6 Ideas for the Perfect Playdate

This season we got playful! Revive the big kid part of you and find new ways to play with your partner.

How You Can Stop the World Together

Dr. John Gottman said that when one partner is in pain, the other partner stops the world to turn towards them. This episode tells you why.

How to Start and End Your Day Together

This season was all about ways to connect with your partner in the busy seasons of life. These rituals that bookend your day can help you keep each other in mind.

How to Support Your Partner When You’re Hurting Too

This episode was inspired by a post on the Gottman Relationship Blog written by our Clinical Director. Being there for your partner through your own problems can be difficult. We have some ways that will help you both.

Why It’s Important to Be “In Like” with Your Partner

Okay, so you love each other. But do you like each other? Would you pick your partner as a friend? This episode explores why this is important and how to show your partner just how much you like them.

8 Conversations That Matter Most

We close this season out with the conversations you need to have that will impact your relationship for the better. Take your time and have these talks at your leisure.

Listen to all the episodes of Small Things Often on The Gottman Institute.

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