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Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, here’s something new! Introducing hand-tied rose bouquets for our “What’s New?” feature. Did you know that the best time to cut roses is after 3 PM in the afternoon when they are highest in food reserves? For instance, here at GiftTree, we have plenty of tips and tricks on how to trim and arrange your florals, especially roses. We also found some great resources on how to choose the perfect vase and more for your flowers. Whether you are a green thumb or prefer to pick your florals up at the local market, knowing how to treat roses can be tricky. Below are some useful tips we’ve found to help your blooms last even longer:


  • When choosing from your garden or market, pick rose buds that have visibly begun to open but that are no more than one-third to one-half fully open. For example, the best cut roses will have just begun to unfurl.
  • Always use clean, sharp pruners to prevent damaging the rose canes and spreading disease. This won’t affect your cut flowers but you don’t want to harm the plant in the process of cutting.
  • Leave at least 3 leaves on the stem to feed the plant.
  • Get the roses into water as soon as possible. If pruning from your yard, bring a bucket of water with you when you cut. If you do cut the roses outside without water, make sure to re-cut the stems indoors either underwater or immersed.
  • Use either the floral preservative they come with or you can add a splash of lemon/lime soda or even a squeeze of lemon and a tablespoon of sugar to the water in the vase. They need a little food to help prevent fungal problems.
  • Let your cut roses have a few hours in a cool spot out of direct sunlight before you display them. This allows them to adjust slowly and extends their vase life.

How to Arrange Roses like a Florist

A beautiful arrangement of florals can really brighten up someone’s day, even yours! Not sure how to create your own arrangement and make it look professional? Here are some quick tips:

  • Choose more than one color, this will make the arrangement truly pop.
  • Remove any browned petals. This makes the bouquet look better and help the blooms stay fresh longer.
  • Make sure to remove any excess leaves. Removing most – if not all – of the leaves will diminish any gaps or crammed corners.
  • Trim their stems. Depending on your vessel or vase, they should be 1-2 inches taller than whatever you choose to display them in.
  • Remember to keep your grip loose.
  • Let them breathe! This might be the most crucial step. Once arranged, gently grab all of the roses just under the bud, lifting them a few inches out of the water, and slowly set them back into the vase.
  • If you are choosing to tie your bouquet, make sure to hold the bouquet upside down. Then, carefully and snugly, wrap the stems with waterproof floral tape, twine, or thick burlap ribbon.

Which Vase is the Best?

First of all, this may seem like a simple task but with all of the vase/vessel options now-a-days, it can be overwhelming. Firstly, when you are choosing your vase, make sure to look at the opening of the vase. If it is too wide or too narrow that can make it harder to work with, as well as change the shape of the arrangement. Take a look at the below options for your next rose and/or other floral arrangement.

  • Tall & Cylinder Glass Vases: Usually large in size, this vase provides structure and is great for tall stemmed flowers such as roses.
  • Narrow Necked Glass Vases: This vase is better suited for a thin stem or a small arrangement of roses. Of course, you can opt for a style that overflows around the opening of the neck for a wild and country look.
  • Fish Bowl Glass Vases: The key for this vase is to cut the stems of your roses to the height of the fish bowl.
  • Small Cube Glass Vases: Find flowers that are bulky but don’t open too widely and then use as many of them as you can!
  • Square Tank Glass Vases: A vase like this is ideal to use with other props like pebbles or stones. Using large stems, such as roses and mixed foliage will give a stately effect. Similar to the cylindrical vase, the square tank helps to create structure.

New GiftTree Rose Collection

We recently launched a new rose collection here at GiftTree and are now featuring a beautiful variety of fresh colorful roses. Take a look at the new collection!


Brighton Roses


Engagement Roses


Escimo Roses


Free Spirit Roses


Freedom Roses


Lemonade Roses


Lola Roses


Mixed Roses


Ocean Song Roses


Paloma Roses


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