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All about Tom Cruise- Net Worth 2020 – Assets, Career, Family, Personal Life & More


All and everything you didn’t know about one of the legends of Hollywood film industry

Hard work, determination, and the desire to build a legacy- it is quite difficult to find even one of these traits in today’s actors and actresses in the film industry. If we combine all these properties into one single person, we simply get Tom Cruise.

The heartthrob of Hollywood and one of the best actors in the entertainment industry, Tom Cruise is an inspiration to millions around the world. His work in Hollywood has reached tremendous heights earning him the praise of being one of the main brands of the industry with quite a generous net worth.

So, who is the real Tom Cruise?

We know Tom Cruise as Lt. Pete Maverick from Top Gun or Ethan Hunt from the famous Mission Impossible series. However, there is a lot more to the megastar than what even his most loyal fans might not know.

Tom Cruise’s Personal and Family life
Tom Cruise’s Personal and Family life

The three-time Golden-Globes winner has been around the industry since 1981 and has made his mark in movies like Top Gun, Jerry Maguire, Edge of Tomorrow, Mission Impossible, Jack Reacher, and so on. People generally love the rock star in any role he plays. Whether he’s a romantic fool or a soldier ready to save the world, he aces the role to perfection.

It would be safe to say that Tom Cruise is worth knowing your time.

Early Life – Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was born on July 3rd, 1962 in Syracuse, New York. He had a very challenging childhood as he had an abusive father who never hesitated in beating young Tom. Living near to poverty, things didn’t get much better for the family. However, after his parents, Mary Lee and Thomas Cruise Mapother III separated after Thomas joined the Canadian Army, life started to get better for the group.

Tom Cruise - Early Life

A surprising fact for you to know is that Tom Cruise didn’t dream of becoming an actor when he grew up. He wanted to be a priest, which didn’t turn out to be in the megastar’s destiny. It all started with ‘Endless Love’, where Tom started acting at a ripe age of 19.

Tom Cruise’s Personal and Family life

Mr. Cruise has been married three times to some of the most famous personalities of Hollywood. His first marriage was with Mimi Rogers that lasted for 3 years from 1987 to 1990. His next marriage was with Nicole Kidman, which went on for 11 years from 1990 to 2001. Tom later married Katie Holmes in 2006 and separated in 2012.

Tom Cruise Net Worth

He has a son named Connor who is also an actor. He also has two daughters, Isabelle Jane, born in 1992, and Suri, born in 2006. Tom has three sisters, Cass Mapother, Lee Ann Mapother, and Marian Mapother.

Career and Achievements – Tom Cruise

After getting his debut in Endless Love, the rock star then starred in a romantic role in Risky Business, from where he further progressed.

The real breakthrough for the actor came when he played Lt. Pete in Top Gun. He then moved on to some screen sharing with Nicole Kidman, who later married the veteran actor. The next stage for Tom was the Mission Impossible universe, where he got his well-deserved appreciation for his acting.

Career & Achievements - Tom Cruise
Career & Achievements – Tom Cruise

He then went on to do some more successful roles in movies like Jack Reacher, Oblivion and Rock of Ages, and many more. You should know that there is another Top Gun installment on the way due this year, which is an indication that Tom Cruise isn’t done yet.

The rock star has grabbed a lot of silverware for his amazing performances in Hollywood. His first ward was a Mentoring Award in 2003. He won 2 Golden Globes for eye-catching performances in ‘Fourth of July’ and Jerry Maguire. Furthermore, he has received countless awards for his charitable efforts.

Tom Cruise Net Worth 2020

Tom Cruise is amongst the Hollywood elite with a staggering net worth figure of around $570 million. He is a film producer, director, and of course a brilliant actor. He also does his fair share of businesses, which evidently makes him a massive earner in the industry.

His wealth can be divided into earnings made by his Hollywood career in acting, directing, and working as a film producer. His films have cashed up about USD 10 billion worldwide and about USD 4 million in North America alone. Most of these have come from the Mission Impossible series that has become the 17th most successful film series in Hollywood history. He has earned about USD 290 million alone from the MI series, which says a lot about the success of the series.

Tom Cruise Net Worth 2020
Tom Cruise Net Worth 2020

The rest of his net worth is added up his business setups around the globe. Mr. Cruise’s popularity in social media is also a big contributor to his wealth. It is estimated that the actor earns around USD 6000-10000 from a single post on Instagram.

Tom Cruise properties

  • Cruise owns a 10,000 sq. feet mansion in California worth $30 million. Previously, he owned a Beverly Hills property, which he later sold for about $40 million.
  • He also owns a couple of units near the Church of Scientology Headquarters in Florida.
  • He also had an apartment in New York during his marriage to Katie Holmes for which he spent about $2 million per year.

The Tom Cruise Car Collection

As expected, Mr. Cruise has excellent taste in cars. With the list of cars he owns, it is quite evident that Tom is a big fan of Porsche and Chevrolet. However, he also owns a Bugatti Veyron and Porsche 911, both adding up to a sum of about USD 5 million.

Tom also has a BMW 7 Series, a Cadillac, and a Mustang Saleen 281. Moreover, he has his own private jet that has a market price of around $93k.

Despite being very rich, Tom Cruise is a generous man. He has major contributions in the literacy sector and has supported numerous charities for noble causes. Some of these include the Friars Foundation, H.E.L.P, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, and the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation.

Tom Cruise has made some really smart choices in his career, which have contributed a lot to his net worth and popularity. There is a lot more to come from one of the greatest actors Hollywood has ever seen.

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