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We all like things which are done for our convenience. When it comes to music, it is a common belief among everyone that there should be a lot of freedom in listening to music. One of the ways to take full benefit of that freedom is to ensure that you have offline access to music, and while that was perhaps easy to do, a few years ago, there are still ways to ensure that you have offline access.

One of the ways to have offline access to music is by paying for apps like iTunes, Spotify, etc. If you want a cheap or a “free” option, then you should opt for WAV converters. You must be thinking, what does that mean? Don’t worry, we will explain!

What is a WAV Converter?

WAV converter is a service offered by many websites online, which we will list, for your convenience. However, before we do that, we want to help you understand what it is, and what is a WAV file.

A WAV converter will convert YouTube music or any audio of a YouTube video into a file that will only be audio.

A WAV file is an audio file format that was developed by IBM and Microsoft for helping people store audio bitstream on PCs.

This sounds a lot like MP3 files, so what is the difference?

What is the difference between MP3 and WAV?

The main difference between the two files is that a WAV file will retain the full quality of the audio. It will be the same as the original recording no matter how many times you convert it. The file size of a WAV file is bigger than the MP3 file size but that is the price you have to pay for quality.

Top 10 YouTube to WAV Converters:

  1. MiniTool uTube Downloader:

This is one of the best converters on the Internet. It is free of cost converter that offers a range of services. We give it full marks and that is why it ranks highest on our list. It works on Windows and it is a desktop application. This converter ranks so high on our list because it supports download 4K and 8K high-quality videos, along with downloading YouTube audio/video playlists in formats that range from WAV, MP3, MP4 to WebM formats.

  1. VideoProc:

This is second only because it is slightly pricey. If you don’t mind paying a small fee, this should be your first option. VideoProc is fast and very easy to use. It downloads video audios from over 1000 websites, including YouTube, of course. You can download in as many as a dozen formats which include the likes of, WAV, MP3, M4A, FLAC, AAC, OGG, AC3, AIFF, CAF, etc. VideoProc also allows you to convert video to any video/audio formats and allows you to edit and record YouTube live videos as well.

  1. com:

Another free of cost converter that is available on Windows, Mac, and even Linux. It is available online and allows you to convert files into WAV, MP3, AVI, MKV, and WEBM formats. This also supports many video related platforms like YouTube and Vimeo and can help you download several files for your convenience. It also supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, SoundCloud, etc. allows you to cut and trim videos, as well, which can be a huge help if you are into video editing.

  1. YTBTO:

YTBTO is also available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is also free of cost and it has a very easy to use interface. It offers conversions into several kinds of files, MKV, 3GP, WAV, MP4, FLV, AVI, etc. The best part about YTBTO is the fact that it can convert files on Android mobile devices, as well! It supports many popular platforms that include the likes of YouTube and Vimeo.

  1. YouTube2Video:

YouTube2Video is another popular platform for converting files into WAV format and many others. This works on Windows, Android, Linux, Mac software, and is free of cost. It supports many famous platforms and many popular Android devices, as well, making your work a lot easier. It lags a bit though and is not very fast and that is why it ranks in the middle on our list.

  1. Freemake Video Converter:

Although it is commonly considered to be a video converter, it is ideal for WAV file conversions. Its functionality is limited as it is available only for Windows users, but it is very good for WAV file conversions. It also includes benefits such as linear video editing, creating slideshows, transition effects along with background music, and converting videos on local drives and sites. It is free of cost, as well!

  1. YtMP3:

Another very good and fast website. However, it is quite limited in its usage. You can use it only to convert files into MP3, WAV, and MP4 file formats. One of the limitations that it has is in the fact that you can only convert YouTube videos which are of 2 hours or less.

  1. VidtoMP3:

This converter supports several video platforms like YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo. It helps you convert videos into audio files like WAV, MP3, and MP4. While it’s functionality may be limited, it makes the list because of the many platforms it supports like, Megavideo, Veoh, SantaBanta, Sharkle, vSocial, Break, Glumbert, iFilm, Bolt, ClipJunkie, ClipShack, CollegeHumor, Putfile, etc.

  1. TheYouMP3:

The functionality of this website is very limited but it is fast, appealing, and free! It can help you download and convert files from the likes of YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, DailyMotion, Instagram, etc. It does not matter how long the video is, this converter will convert it with ease!

  1. Convert2MP3:

A very valuable and easy to use converter, Convert2MP3 catches the eye, literally, because of its vibrant color combination. It is very convenient and you do not even have to sign up. A reliable and free partner for conversions of videos into audio files!

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