The Ultimate One Piece Anime Series Filler List


A Brief Guide to One Piece and A List of Filler Episodes

One Piece is a record-breaking anime and has gained a lot of acclaim over the years for the fantastic story-telling which is full of suspense, humor, and arts. It has nearly 1000 episodes and throughout its run, it has gained fans from all over the world. Let’s discuss One Piece, today.

What is One-Piece About?

The Japanese anime, One-Piece is about the character of a boy – Monkey D. Luffy, whose body gains the property of rubber after eating a “devil-fruit”. It follows his journey of finding the world’s ultimate treasure called “One Piece” and it is his dream to find that treasure and become the next Pirate King.

Records and Accolades:

It has broken many records which include the highest initial run of the printing of any book in Japan. Which is an insanely amazing record considering there are a lot of publications for many famous mangas. Another record it has is the one on Guinness World Record for the “most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author”. Da Vinci magazine listed it to be in their top 3 mangas of 2013, and it also picked up several awards in Japan like the 41st Japan Cartoonists Association Award Grand Prize in 2012, and Kimuchi Yokoyama’s Nekodarake Nice Award in the same year, as well.

Since its publication, One Piece has sold nearly half a billion copies in more than 40 countries around the world. This makes One Piece the best-selling manga for eleven consecutive years. It has also earned more than $21 billion as a franchise, which is astounding, to say the least.


The producer Eiichiro Oda was heavily inspired by pirates in his childhood. That is what inspired him to write this series and many of the characters are a direct inspiration from real-life pirates. He read lots of pirate biographies to create the story in his mind and then deliver to the rest of the world. Oda also names Dragon Ball Z as one of the inspirations behind One Piece.

Filler Episodes of One-Piece:

One Piece has gained many fans from all around the world, but it is usually disliked because of the high number of filler episodes that the manga has. We have listed down the filler episodes to make your experience more enjoyable.

1) Episodes from 54-61

2) Episodes 98 and 99

3) Episodes 101 and 102

4) Episodes 131-143

5) Episodes 196-206

6) Episodes 213-216

7) Episodes 220-226

8) Episodes 279-283

9) Episodes 291 and 292

10) Episode 303

11) Episodes 317-319

12) Episodes 326-336

13) Episodes 382-384

14) Episodes 406 and 407

15) Episodes 426-429

16) Episodes 457 and 458

17) Episode 492

18) Episode 542

19) Episodes 575-578

20) Episode 590

21) Episodes 626-628

22) Episodes 747-750

23) Episode 775

24) Episodes 780-782

25) Episode 807

26) Episode 881

27) Episodes 895 and 896

28) Episode 907

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