Best 9 Places to Celebrate New Year 2021

New Year is certainly one of the biggest activities as everyone is thrilled to greet with their close ones the start of the new year. Some people welcome New Year with a champagne bottle, a countdown party, or an intimate meal; everyone plans something special to welcome New Year’s arrival. There are plenty of the world’s best places to celebrate New Year, hosting wild parties and activities to engage people and celebrate New Year’s arrival. Nothing can be more romantic with your close ones in a fancy environment than celebrating New Year, so if you have not scheduled anything yet, give this article a short read to know about the fancy places in the world to go on New Year. Read below all about – How to Celebrate New Year 2021

As the New Year 2021 ends, new resolutions are being placed in motion, midnight kisses are awaited, and a perfect night out is being arranged with friends and family. All this comes once a year, and most of us are organizing a fun-filled night of drinks and parties. And where are you supposed to be this time as the clock tongs 12 at midnight 31st? In this article, we have gathered up some perfect ways to celebrate New Year 2021.

Look no further if you are curious where to go for an incredible start to the new year 2021. The globe is your place with a bang to celebrate the new year.  Here are some of the best ways to spend New Year’s Eve and begin on a happier note with a new one. Both locations have special experiences of their own, so choose your pick and have a nice time with your closed places.



Sydney presents anybody who longs for a thrilling night out on New Year’s Eve with a wonderful encounter. The fascinating Sydney Harbor fireworks look positively enchanting and are worth capturing. In Sydney Harbor, more tourists watch New Year’s Eve than in Times Square, and for a good cause, the Sydney fireworks could be the world’s most respected and cherished show. Release of Fireworks from the Opera House, adjacent houses, water barges, and the Harbor Bridge looks flawless.

Places to Celebrate New Year -Sydney
Sydney’s Luna Park ferris wheel at sunset.


If you need love fireworks and all-night celebrations, head across Tokyo Bay to Yokohama. While not officially part of the city itself, it is part of Greater Tokyo. There is plenty of activity for almost four million people of its own since it’s one of the few areas celebrating this holiday in Western fashion. Take an alternate approach to New Year’s Eve somewhere in Tokyo and visit one of the several temples to ring the bell. A monk will ring the temple bell 108 times at midnight to cleanse you of your 108 earthly wishes and bring you as pure as possible into the new year.

Places to Celebrate New Year - Tokyo
Panaroma of illuminated Tokyo.


Miami is one of the world’s well-known party places, and this place’s mesmerizing elegance brings more appeal to New Year festivities. If you are thinking about where to go for the New Year, Miami will be the best answer. Miami’s beaches are all fun and deliver wild parties in style to help you celebrate the New Year.

Places to Celebrate New Year - Miami
Miami is one of the world’s well-known party places, and this place’s mesmerizing elegance brings more appeal to New Year festivities.


Dubai is amongst one the best places in the world to experience New Year’s Eve.  From public areas, explosive fireworks across the city are visible. One can enjoy the fireworks from the world highest skyscrapers, notably the tallest in the country, the Burj Khalifa.

Dubai cityscape skyscrapers panorama night
Dubai is amongst one the best places in the world to experience New Year’s Eve.


Looking for the perfect spot in Venice to spend New Year’s Eve? We have got you covered. With its postcard-perfect canals and breathtaking buildings, Venice draws many visitors for their holidays here. On New Year’s Eve, spectacular parties are held for the amusement of the residents here. Witness the New Year party in Italy-style, which begins with a luxurious dinner, and nothing can beat a real Venetian-style dinner retreat on a picturesque view ferry. Another fantastic place where many people meet at midnight to celebrate the arrival of the New Year is the Huge Celebration at St Mark’s Square, one of the best New Year celebrations in the country. Italy Driving Guide. 

Places to Celebrate New Year - Venice
Beautiful sunset in sea shore of Mediterranean sea, Venice, Italy. Venice

Cape Town

Cape Town is a favored destination for countless visitors to the continent. It is regarded as South Africa’s “Mother City,” and New Year’s Eve is a perfect time to try out this scenic city’s rich cultural offerings for free. New Year’s Eve in Cape Town are considered to be the most amazing ones by many visitors.

Places to Celebrate New Year 2021 - Cape Twon
Mindelo in twilight. Port town with many boats in the bay on the Cape Verde in the northern part of the island Sao Vicente.

New York City

At the most famous spot in New York, the Times Square Ball Drop, nothing can top the New Year festivities. Lakhs of people converge here to watch the amazing dropping of the Waterfront Crystal Ball on the huge screens fitted all over the square at midnight. New York even fascinates crowds in Central Park and New York Harbor with its mesmerizing fireworks. New York is probably the best location in the world to celebrate New Year as it provides fantastic, limitless choices for Eve celebrations.

Places to Celebrate New Year 2021 - New York City
Panaroma of New York city. Paris, where the dazzling fireworks take place at the Eiffel Tower, is one of the best places in the world for New Year


Paris, where the dazzling fireworks take place at the Eiffel Tower, is one of the best places in the world for New Year, particularly for couples, making the whole aura very romantic and ideal for your partner to join the near year. Count down on New Year’s arrival at Paris’ most famous avenue, the Champs-Elysées, where thousands of local people meet to celebrate New Year’s arrival together.

Places to Celebrate New Year 2021 - Paris
Eiffel Tower and fountains near it at dawn in Paris, France. Best place to celebrate new year.

Bangkok City

Best place to celebrate new 2020 - Bangkok City
The modern city landscape in guangzhou. Best place to celebrate new 2020

Bangkok, where the Central World Square is the highlight of the city on a key evening as different people come together to mark the start of New Year, is one of the best destinations to fly to for New Year. Fascinating fireworks are dotted with different bars and clubs that spring to life as soon as the clock reaches 12. In Bangkok, another enchanting thing to do is to take a lavish dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya Canal, where you can enjoy western and Thai buffets along with exotic cocktails and seafood. For a soul-satisfying new year experience, witness the intriguing skyline and the fireworks. Bangkok hosts some of the world’s finest New Year celebrations.

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