25 Thong Bikinis That Fulfill Your Hot Girl Summer Potential


In case you’ve yet to hear it repeated all across the internet, we’re in the midst of a Hot Girl Summer, and the term is reaching a fever pitch. We’re not only hitting high summer, but our social lives are also starting to return to what they once were. But having a Hot Girl Summer is more of a mentality than anything, one that’s centered around self-love, empowerment, and, of course, some fire ‘fits.

In just a matter of months, thong bikinis went from being low-key polarizing to becoming a key swimwear look, and I’m so here for it. If you ask me, the risqué swimwear trend is the ultimate embodiment of Hot Girl Summer because wearing it makes a bold statement and pretty much guarantees you’re channeling your most confident and badass self when doing so. And really, there’s nothing better than that, regardless of what you’re actually wearing.

But let’s talk specifics. There’s quite a range of ways to get in on the cheeky swimwear look, whether it be classic thong bikinis, ’80s-style high-cut bottoms, or even high-waisted styles that provide more coverage everywhere else. (If you’re looking for an introductory thong, I’d suggest a high-waisted one.) We generally seem to have drawn the line before straight G-strings, but don’t take my word for it. Keep scrolling to see how the thong bikini has taken over and to shop the barely-there bikinis that will have you living your best and hottest Hot Girl Summer all season long.


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