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Funny New Year Wishes

Laughter adds beauty to life, make your life beautiful by laughing and make others life joyful by making them smile with your funny New Year wishes. If you want to be remembered in your friends’ circle and want to be discussed by them then send your friends funny New Year messages, add a little happiness to their lives. Starting the New Year with the funny and lighter note will be a great idea and they will all love it.

The Perfect Time To Send New Year Wishes For Family.

Here are a few funny New Year messages for you to select from;

  1. Let’s hope you stop relying on only wishing and start making some efforts this year – Happy New Year.
  2. Last year was full of shocks to you, may you encounter surprises this year. Happy New Year.
  3. Your last year’s resolution was to play cricket and shed some pounds, this year lock your gaming console and go out in the field – results will be seen. Happy New Year.
  4. Keep your enemies away and friends closer; which means this year keep all the sweets away and greens closer. Happy New Year.
  5. On the last New Year’s Eve you drank and drove; this year drink more but order a cab. Happy New Year.
  6. Last year you consumed a lot of sugar, this year aim for a sugar daddy. Happy New Year.
  7. Swiping right and left didn’t bring any luck, this year focus on “not introducing you”. Happy New Year.
  8. Let’s hope your worries last as long as others’ New Year’s resolutions – short lived. Happy New Year.
  9. The good thing about New Year will be that you can carry forward the previous year’s goals with a new perspective. Happy New Year.
  10. New Year means new challenges, all your previous girlfriends are now married – get ready for a fresh start. Happy New Year.

New Year’s Resolution Quotes

Every year people make New Year resolutions, but have you noticed how many of them actually accomplish their goals? You can always boost your friends and loved ones morale by sending them New Year’s Resolution Quotes, this way they will feel motivated and will start their new year with a fresh note.

Here are a few New Year’s Resolution Quotes that you can send your friends and colleagues;

  1. This New Year will bring new opportunities and better chances. Keep your focus, Happy New Year.
  2. Strive and struggle and the coming year will be yours to reign. Happy New Year.
  3. Don’t think about hardships; think about the fruits of labor – Happy New Year.
  4. Happiness returns to those who spread them the most. This year spread happiness. Happy New Year.
  5. Make mistakes and learn from them but don’t repeat them, follow the mantra and grow yourself this year. Happy New Year.
  6. A winner always takes the chance, be a winner in your life and coming year take as many chances as you can. Happy New Year.
  7. The struggle never goes in vain. Success comes to those who constantly strive. Happy New Year.
  8. Last year you achieved your goals, this year surprise them by surpassing your limits. Happy New Year.
  9. Learn the art of winning hearts this year. New Year demands advanced “peoples’ skills”.
  10. Dream big and then strive to accomplish it, your dedication and hard work will help you achieve it. Happy New Year.

 Funny New Year’s Quotes

Spreading smiles is one of the sweetest things, if you want to spread smiles to your friends’ and family members’ faces then all you need to do is send them Funny New Year’s Quotes. Make sure that these Funny New Year’s Quotes resonate with the person to whom you are sending them. If you cannot think of any Funny New Year’s Quotes then don’t worry, here are a few quotes that will help you.

  1. Challenges come in different shapes and sizes, this year be mentally prepared before going on a blind date. Happy New Year.
  2. Of all the things you have lost last year must be your mind, this year stay cool and calm. Happy New Year.
  3. Curiosity killed the cat, this year, be a little less curious and the chances of survival will be high. Happy New Year mate.
  4. Money can buy everything is a lie, don’t fall for it and go out and jog every day. Happy New Year.
  5. Nothing is impossible; I wish that you fit in your last year’s clothes – Happy New Year.
  6. It’s 2021, you sure you are ready for old problems in new packaging? Happy New Year.
  7. Keep your friends closer this year; they are the only ones who will drive you back home when you are drunk on New Years’ Eve.
  8. Don’t dream big, they are difficult to achieve; this year dream small. Happy New Year.
  9. Just be cautious this year, 2021 might be 2020 wearing the mask. Happy New Year.
  10. This year, don’t repeat old mistakes and go on dates with new ones. Have a safe and happy New Year.
  11. Last year, her husband ran after you; make sure you lock the room this year on New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year.

Religious Happy New Year Messages

Religion plays an integral part of many individuals’ lives. They start their New Year by sending and receiving blessings that help them in the coming year to stay away from miseries and adversities. Following are a few Religious Happy New Year Messages that you can send to your friends. Send them prayers and let them know that you care for them and wish them all the best in their lives.

  1. I wish you all the blessings in life and I hope you follow the path of pious people. Happy New Year.
  2. God has given you another chance to do well, just like last year practice the virtuous. Happy New Year.
  3. Hold on to the rope of religion and keep your mind focused, good things will happen to you. Happy New Year.
  4. God help those who help others; help your fellows and God will grant you happiness this year. Happy New Year.
  5. Almighty has promised to provide those the best who help the ones who are going through miseries. This year help the needy as much as you can. Happy New Year.
  6. The best way to spend New Year’s Eve is by following what your religion instructs. Happy New Year.
  7. Always thank God for all the bounties that He has provided you. This year share the bounties with destitute people. Happy New Year.
  8. Follow the path of messengers of God and you will embrace serenity this year. Happy New Year.
  9. I wish you all the happiness and success of bot the worlds. I wish your good deeds be accepted by the Lord. Happy New Year.
  10. I pray that The Lord bless you with a prosperous year ahead. Happy New Year.
  11. I wish you and your family all the very best. May His blessings be upon you in the coming year. Happy New Year.
  12. I wish Lord bless you with a promotion this year, the promotion that you have been waiting for so long. Happy New Year.
  13. Keep your faith strong; God has a perfect plan for your prosperity. Happy New Year.
  14. May God shower His blessings upon you and your loved ones this year and years to come. Happy New Year.
  15. I hope this year Almighty grant you with the best of personal and professional life. Happy New Year.
  16. God has a suitable plan for everyone, may all your wishes come true this year. Have a blessed New Year.
  17. Stay blessed and keep shining, have a great year ahead. Happy New Year.
  18. May God give you and your family prosperity and the best health this year.
  19. I wish you follow the teachings of the religion so that your life becomes better this year.
  20. I wish your family a great future this year, and may almighty bless you with all the cheerfulness.
  21. May God bless you with health, wealth and all the happiness in life this year. Have a great year.
  22. I wish that all the blessings showered upon you this year and may you achieve what you have dreamt in your life.
  23. Sending you well wishes and blessings this New Year. Stay calm and be successful.

These are just a few creative Happy New Year messages that you can use to surprise your friends and loved ones. Make sure you send the relevant New Year Messages to them that go well with their personalities. After all, it is a great way to impress your friends by sending them some cool, unique and interesting New Year’s wishes and messages.

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