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Milestonecard and All You Need to Know About Its Activation

Milestone card is one of the most incredible credit cards, which you absolutely need, especially, if you have trouble with bad credit!

Milestone card is one of the most incredible credit cards, which you absolutely need, especially, if you have trouble with bad credit!

What is a Milestone credit card?

Milestone credit card is an unsecured card for people who have a credit score below 640. You do not have to make any security deposit as the requirement is at $0 and it offers a credit limit of $300 and the annual fee is around $35-75 for the first year. This means that many of your emergency expenses become a lot easier to handle, however, APR applies to credit that you carry from the previous month. The charges tend to increase to $99 for the second year, so this might not be the best card to hold on to!

How can you activate the Milestone credit card?

This is the easy bit. We will look at the steps needed to activate the Milestone credit card:

1) Log into your online account and click “Activate Your Account”.

2) Follow the prompts.

You can only activate it, online, so you will have to create an account. The registration of the online account requires you to provide your Social Security Number (SSN), card number, and birth date. However, you should activate it, as soon as you receive it, which will be two weeks after your approval. Activation of the card is important before you use it, as it will not work without the activation.

What do you need to know before getting a Milestone credit card?

1) Best unsecured card for bad credit:

This is spot on. While, it is not perfect, as no other card will ever be, especially for bad credit, it is still a fantastic option.

2) Modest fees:

Another reason to opt for the Milestone credit card is the modest fee. It does not charge a monthly fee or a one-time fee, it only charges the annual fee which is around $35-75 and increases to $99 in the subsequent years, which also depends on your creditworthiness. This makes it a very affordable credit card and one you can consider getting.

3) Limited spending power:

Your spending power has a limit of around $300, which effectively reduces to around $250 with the first-year annual fee, so you have to estimate whether it is enough for your needs or not. If it is not enough, then you should not go for it.

4) Interest is not very expensive:

The APR of the Milestone card compares quite well with its competitors. It is still quite high, though, in comparison with the APR that is charged from the average secured credit cards. So, it makes a lot of sense in the temporary run, but you do not want to deal with that balance longer than necessary.

Note: If you do not receive your Milestone credit card within 21 business days, call Milestone’s lost/stolen department as they tend to close the account if it is not activated after 21 days.

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