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Reasons why you should choose Amazon Business

If you have your very own personal account on Amazon, then it is quite likely that you would have come across the Amazon Business account feature.

The premium feature from Amazon was introduced as an upgrade to a normal subscription account. Before we look at the advantages and disadvantages, let’s learn exactly what the account is all about.

Amazon for Business

To begin with, it is a feature solely made for special business purposes. It is made to facilitate both small and large businesses at the same time. Similar to any premium feature, it comes with a subscription fee that you have to pay annually.

It is more like a professional business platform where you get discounts and reliefs on numerous business services alongside great shipping offers. For starters, the account allows businesses to allocate users to go and purchase the required business goods by directly representing their employer.

The account holder is the administrator and has the authority to remove and add users as per the convenience of the business. Furthermore, the managers of the account can also look after payment details, reporting selections, and the other required processes for their specific businesses. Here is an example of a Home Textile storefront from India  – Stylo Culture.

How Beneficial is Amazon Business?

As any smart business person, you might be wondering about the benefits of subscribing to the business account.

Features of Amazon Business Account:

  • Special Pricing: this is an exclusive offer that allows the account holder to purchase millions of products at a special price. There are further discounts available as well depending on your order.
  • Save on Shipping: after you have surpassed the $25 mark on your purchases, your shipping is mostly free.
  • Hands-on Approval Workflows: these make your business processes quite smooth to run error-free.
  • The Price Assessment Feature: you can compare a specific seller price with other seller prices to make sure you don’t overspend.
  • Ease in buying Systems and Analytics: here’s a chance for you to avail the opportunity to optimize your business.
  • Tax Exemption: this depends on the criteria set up by Amazon. If you represent a qualified Business account, you will be exempted for payment of sales tax.

Drawbacks of Amazon Business

Nothing is perfect, and that includes this account too. Here are some of the problems that come with the feature:

  • Not for personal use: a mix in both business and personal purchases doesn’t let you enjoy the full features of the account.
  • Reduced Profit Margin: the subscription is free for only a limited amount of time. After you pay the actual fee, you will automatically require a rise in your product prices.
  • It doesn’t directly benefit your business: this is an important point to understand. The Amazon Business account will help in speeding up your sales but with little branding. To put it simply, you are not gaining new customers, but Amazon is.

What is Amazon Business Prime?

There is a further additional upgrade account by the name of the Amazon Business Prime account. You can observe a considerable difference in the number of subscription fees for both types of business accounts. The fee differs on the number and the type of services you want to avail of.

If you think that your business is ready to make the leap towards an online business account, you should consider pursuing the business prime account. It comes with further additional features that actually are more practical in terms of their benefits.

For instance, the account features a filtered search for your queries. You will get to see preferred sellers at low prices with an option to extend your payment deadlines. Furthermore, you can also avail of flexible delivery options to help speed up your selling process.

Amazon Business Models such as Amazon Business and Amazon Business Prime are one of the finest online models that you can find to take your work to another level. However, you should be careful in making a quick step towards them.

 Even though the simple business account offers good services that also include a separate customer service line, it still has certain limitations to it. In the end, it is up to you to decide on which business model you want to choose. Make sure you go through the guidelines above before taking any step further.

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