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Aries Horoscope September 2021 — Love and Career Predictions


Read what your sign’s 2021 horoscope predictions have in store for you or check out the Aries personality profile. 

Welcome to September, Aries. At the end of August, you found yourself tapping into your experimental side. The start of Virgo season on August 23, encouraged you to get closer with a lover (or yourself) by trying new things in bed. These themes continue during the new moon in Virgo on Monday, September 6.

New moons are an ideal time to set intentions. For you, this new moon, in particular, is all about prioritizing your sexual health. Going to the doctor during a pandemic can be terrifying, but whether you’re single or seeing multiple partners, you want to stay on top sexually — and I don’t just mean in bed. Make sure your birth control needs are met and you’re regularly screened for STIs. Once that worry is out of the way, dating should become much easier. 

In sexier news: When Venus, the planet of love, enters femme fatale Scorpio on Friday, September 10, get ready for some action. Mars is the ruling planet for both Aries and Scorpio, and that red planet is horny. Consider the 10th to be the perfect night to finally hook up with a crush you’ve been video chatting with or to send some nudes

If you’re worried a crush or partner is just in it for the sex, fear not. When Mars makes moves and enters diplomatic Libra on Tuesday, September 14, communication becomes loving and fair. Libra, the sign of balance, provides a respite from Mars’ intensity. Use this time to have important conversations before you get too turned on to settle down and chat again. 

The night sky lights up your sexy month with a full moon in psychic Pisces on Monday, September 20. This moon phase is charged with emotions, so try to get some alone time. The Pisces energy will bring out your creative side. Try meditating with the full moon in view. Keep a pen and paper nearby, too. Whether it’s a new song for your band, a love poem, or a creative project for work, expect artistic breakthroughs while the moon shines at its fullest. 

Perhaps the most important day of the month is Wednesday, September 22 — the start of Libra season. Ruled by the goddess Venus, Libra concentrates on love, partnership, and teamwork. Everyone will seem a little bit more in love, including you. Also, the 22nd marks the Fall Equinox. You may start thinking about Halloween costumes that complement couples, planning a trip to a pumpkin patch, or cozying up under a blanket while watching scary movies. 


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