All About Atelophobia- Causes, Symptoms, and the right Solutions


Get to know more about how to tackle the fear of imperfection, Atelophobia

You might have experienced a few moments where you don’t feel like doing anything. In such instances, we assume that whatever we do, it’s not going to turn in anything good. While most of can move on with our normal routines the very next day, there are a few people who are haunted by this fear of imperfection for most of their lives. Read all about Atelophobia.

People who live by this fear are always insecure about their imperfections. They assume that if they can’t handle even a single failure in life, they can’t be perfect at anything.

A condition that consists of a combination of such situations is known as Atelophobia.

Understanding Atelophobia

 Before we move on with the actual meaning of the condition, it is important to know what exactly a phobia is. To put it simply, a phobia is a kind of an anxiety disorder that plants a feeling of panic, which seems both constant and unrealistic at the same time.

In the list of phobias, Atelophobia is a condition that is more or less related to perfectionism. In this kind of anxiety disorder, a person can be affected in terms of his/her daily routines, decision-making abilities, and self-belief to do important tasks.

What are the Causes of Atelophobia?

According to a few individual opinions, the fear of imperfection is also a biological problem. This means that the people close to you can influence such behavioral patterns that can lead to the development of Atelophobia.

However, genetics is not the only reason that causes such a condition. A person going through different mental health problems can experience phobia. For instance, if an individual is going through severe depression and anxiety, he/she will easily lose out on pressure and will doubt himself/herself.

What are the Causes of Atelophobia.
What are the Causes of Atelophobia?

You should note that Atelophobia can also be a result of childhood traumatic experiences. People also refer to the condition as a regular personality trait developed due to certain environments. Such environments can demand people to be rigid and not to make mistakes at all. This certainly doesn’t help them to develop and learn from experience, which is a big letdown when it comes to character building.

Determining the Symptoms of Atelophobia

There are multiple ways for anyone to know whether they are experiencing the condition. The most common symptoms include low to extreme level panic attacks, breathing issues, and even nausea.

However, there are other symptoms as well that you can recognize if you think you or someone you know is going through Atelophobia.

Here are a few for you to know:

  • Losing balance

If all of a sudden, you feel unsteady and are feeling a bit dizzy, you might be heading towards the direction of getting affected by the condition. Your mind might be going blank, and you might not be able to feel your legs for a few instances.

  • Fast breathing

One of the most common symptoms of the fear of imperfection is a major spike in your heartbeat. This usually happens due to the rising stress levels inside your mind that make you extremely nervous and scared of doing even a simple task.

  • Hyperventilation or Over breathing

Hyperventilation is a condition in which a person breathes too fast and exhales more than inhaling. A common reason behind this is the development of feelings related to stress and anxiety that create a certain level of panic inside of you. Suddenly, you lose the ability to breathe normally and are unable to calm your mind in a quick time.

  • Giddy feelings

In most cases of Atelophobia, people experience unexpected giddiness. They get nervous and experience a bit of dizziness about performing even the daily routine tasks.

  • Development of Muscle Strain

If you think that the fear of imperfection only results in the form of mental health problems, then you are certainly on the wrong path. If you are going through this particular type of phobia, it is highly probable for your body to experience muscle strain. The main reason behind this is fatigue that occurs when your mind is completely exhausted from stress and panic.

  • Fear of experiencing unforeseen tragic conditions

Another common symptom of Atelophobia is the fear of an instance that you think is going to drop on you and will make you a failure. This makes the person feel uneasy and unprepared for any challenges they might face soon.

  • Losing Self-Control

If you feel like losing yourself out both emotionally and physically, there’s a high chance that you might be experiencing Atelophobia. In this case, the mind becomes too sensitive, and you feel incapable of doing anything effective so you may lose control of your surroundings.

  • Feeling Dehydrated

Another symptom of the condition is an unexpected phase of dehydration on your body. In this, people usually feel their throats go dry, and their body strength weakens at an alarming rate, which is quite worrying, to say the least.

The best way to identify Atelophobia is by self-assessment. Combing the list of symptoms and evaluating whether you are going through the same conditions will confirm whether you are a victim or not.

Solutions to Atelophobia

The most effective and common approach to controlling the fear of imperfection is by seeking therapy. Learning how to live with fear and your imperfections will help you build confidence and self-belief.

A popular approach to this is that you could try writing everything that bothers you on a piece of paper and then burn it or tear it down to pieces. This will temporarily help you getting relief over your mental battles.

If you think your situation is not getting better, the wise thing to do would be consulting a mental health professional for a long-term solution.

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