How to Stop Panic Attacks – Top 10 Ways to De-Stress


Get to know about the best tips on how to stop a panic attack and cope with it

For those of you who didn’t know, a panic attack is a forceful upsurge of fear categorized by its suddenness and incapacitating, restraining strength.

When you experience something like this, your heart beats faster and you feel suffocated, and may feel like you’re going to go crazy any minute or drop out for good.

Panic attacks often come as a sudden wave, giving you little to none warning, and sometimes with no particular reason. There isn’t a fixed instance or time of occurrence as they may even take place when you’re comfortable or asleep.

It comes in once or in a series of occurrences mostly due to panic disorders, depression, and social anxiety disorders.

How to stop a panic attack?

Irrespective of the reasons, it’s not like panic attacks aren’t treatable. There are numerous ways that you can use to cut down or eliminate panic attack symptoms, get back your confidence, and finally take back control of your life to an extent.

Here are the 10 best ways for the treatment of a panic attack:

  • Realization of a panic attack

Once you get used to the effects of a panic disorder, you will be able to control your emotions to an extent. Realizing or recognizing a panic attack will help you calm down and remind yourself that everything will eventually be okay. It is just better to let it pass through.

  • Adopt deep breathing as your main strategy

Hyperventilating is one of the main symptoms of a panic disorder. Once you learn how to contain your breathing, you will most probably succeed in keeping away from a panic attack.

The best way to do it is by deep breathing. Try taking deep breaths, taking in the air slowly, and releasing it at the same pace.

  • Exercise Effective Mindfulness Techniques

Consciousness is important in reminding yourself that you are still present in reality and everything is normal. One of the most common happenings during a panic attack is when an individual feels as he/she is disconnected from the outside world.

The wise thing to do here is to try to feel as much as you can. This could be done by partaking in your usual activities like digging your feet to the ground or rubbing your hands together.

  • Find something to focus on

When you focus your attention on one single object, you can easily get through any type of panic disorder. All you have to do is study every detail of the object. In this way, your mind can be fully diverted and you will eventually feel better.

  • Close your eyes and relax

Imagine yourself in an event and then all of a sudden you have a panic attack. The environment around you isn’t helping and the situation is getting worse by every minute.

This could be because sometimes sights and sounds can further intensify a panic disorder. To avoid such happenings you could close your eyes for a moment to focus on your breathing, or go somewhere peaceful, away from the crowd.

  • Physical Exercises

Exercises to destress
Exercises to destress

It is a proven fact that light physical exercise can help in reducing panic attacks. This is because our bodies release hormones called endorphins that can improve your mood instantly.

  • Make use of lavender essentials

Another way to smother down the intensity of a panic disorder is by getting the best out of lavender products. You can make use of both lavender oil and lavender tea depending on your preference.

  • Try imagining a happy place

Another hack to diffuse panic attacks is by imagining yourself in your favorite place. Picture yourself in the selected place and try to focus on even the finer details of it.

  • Keep a mantra loop

A mantra always helps in calming a person’s mind. You can consider picking out a spiritual phrase to repeat whenever you experience a panic disorder.

  • Try to Socialize

Try to Socialize
Socialize to reduce stress

This is the time where your family and loved ones are the most valuable people in your life. Try talking to people you trust and confide your problems to them. You will feel a lot lighter when you talk about your issues with someone you know well.

There are other ways as well that can help you through a panic attack. People often go for medications for panic attacks and similar things that don’t always have the required effect.

Try going through the given strategies above. You will feel better and more confident about yourself.

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