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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts

As you know, the baby showers a really old tradition that is followed religiously. The minute a friend, family member, colleague, or some relative announce that they are having a baby, it is party time! While the family is already quite happy, you also feel overwhelming joy and you cannot wait to be a part of that happiness. Despite the happiness, we all have been invited to many baby showers, and we have all been clueless as to what should one gift for this occasion. If you are also lazy and you cannot think of a good gift, you are in the right place because we will help you find the right gifts for baby shower.

Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts
Ideas for Baby Shower Gifts

Baby shower gift ideas for boy:

If the gender of the baby has been revealed, it makes our job a little easier. Gender reveal parties are quite fun, too. Sometimes, both of these go hand in hand. So, if your friend, relative, loved one, has disclosed the gender of their baby, it makes gift-hunting a lot easier. The idea usually is to get the happy couple something that they would definitely need for their baby boy. The gender, at such a time, does not matter much. Anything that you give will be unisexual and could be used for a baby boy or for a baby girl. This calls for creativity, and the ideal way of dealing with this situation is by investing a little on the packaging and wrapping. You can go for a blue themed wrapping paper or make a gift basket that includes essentials which are of the color blue. Although, if you are looking to gift clothes, then you can choose cute little onesies with cars and trucks. (Note: we do not believe in gender discrimination, girls can also choose to play with cars and trucks, this is only based on the general perception. Here are the Birthday Party Gift Ideas.

Baby shower gift ideas for boy
Baby shower gift ideas for boy

Baby shower gift ideas for girl:

Gift for a baby girl
Gift for a baby girl

Similarly, choosing a gift for a baby girl cannot be specific. The safe way of approaching these gifts is by going for the necessities. However, if you still insist on gifting something to signify the gender, then again, your options start at the gift wrapping and packaging. You can choose the pink color for wrapping the gifts. You can add the cute little pink ribbons on the gift basket if you plan on giving one. Pink onesies could also be a great idea. You could also plan on gifting storybooks which are mostly gender-related like stories of 100 great women. This could be a great gift for a feminist mother who plans on raising her daughter the right away, early on!

Baby shower gift ideas for girl
Baby shower gift ideas for girl

Homemade baby shower gift ideas:

If a close loved one is having a baby, sometimes, we do not feel that buying a gift would express the love we have for the baby and the family. That is why some people plan on making their gifts for the baby. If you are into a bit of DIY, you could make a gift at home for the unborn baby and surprise the happy couple, as well! The most commonly given homemade gift if stitching baby clothes and onesies, yourself. Most grandmothers make their onesies for their grandchildren to express the love they have. You could make a hat, or mittens, or socks, even, if you plan on getting creative. Those little feet and hands in your handmade gloves and socks would be a sight to see!

Homemade baby shower gift ideas
Homemade baby shower gift ideas

You could also offer home-cooked meals for the expecting couple. Child-rearing is a huge responsibility and it hardly leaves any time for the new mother and father. This could be a very thoughtful gift. Lastly, if you are into art, then you could make handmade art for the nursery or buy a personalized gift with the name of the baby.

Work baby shower gift ideas:

If you have been invited to a baby shower for some colleagues from your workplace, then choosing a gift can be a bit of a headache. You need to balance the relation you have, you cannot over commit, yet you cannot look like you do not care about the occasion. Not to worry, we have you covered in this department, as well!

To choose the best baby shower gift for your coworker, your priority should be on buying something that is termed as a necessity. You could even plan on buying something for your coworker rather than buying something for the baby. A gift like a pampering product for the mother could be a very thoughtful and respectful gift. Once the baby comes, it becomes very hard to get time away from responsibility. Something related to self-care, like bath salts, scented candles could be a very nice gift.

Work baby shower gift ideas
Work baby shower gift ideas.

You could also buy a coffee machine for your parents. A nice coffee machine would be ideal in dealing with the tough nights that are bound to follow after having the baby.

List of some baby shower gifts:

The absolute must-haves:

1) Crib:

This is essential, but if you are going to buy one, it is better to consult the parents and see what they like. It should match the color of the room, so always better to have the opinion of the parents.

Crib in nursery
Crib with teddy bear in cozy nursery

2) Baby shower gift basket:

You cannot go wrong with this. It covers the necessities, looks good and, is a safe option to go for. Highly recommended and also not very hard to put together.

Baby shower gift ideas for boy
Baby shower gift ideas for boy

3) Baby books and toys:

Baby books and toys are another must-have! Another gift that is a safe option, can be gender-neutral too if you are not sure about the gender of the baby.

Toys for baby Gift Ideas
Baby care or baby shower concept. Newborn or baby cloth, toys, nipple and bottle for feeding.

4) Necessities:

Diapers, clothes, socks, hats, and other baby items that can be bought in bulk. This is perhaps the most important gift of all. Not a flashy gift, but they will thank you when they realize how quickly they run out of all these things!

Gift for a baby girl
Gift for a baby girl

We hope this helps you choose the right gift for the upcoming baby shower. If you need any help, don’t be afraid to ask!

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