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Top 10 Wall Hanging Decor Ideas

Wall hanging decoration made easier with some of the best ideas and tips for your home

It wouldn’t be normal if don’t want your space to feel as comfy as possible. People usually opt for painting their homes to create a more welcoming environment to stay in. But, sometimes, a simple painting or a big framed picture is just not the right remedy for getting that appeal and design to warm your eyes. Read to know more about – Wall Hanging Decor Ideas

However, there are numerous solutions to this problem. It all depends on how you want to approach it. One of the better and easier solutions is wall hanging decor.

Wall Hanging Home Decor

Best Wall Hanging Decor
Best Wall Hanging Decor – Printed Cotton Tapestry

Wall hangings are all about your imagination and creativity that you can implement on your home walls. There is always an artistic element to the way you put on wall hanging accessories.

When it comes to picking out the best wall hanging decor, you need to see what does it brings to your living space. You need to question yourself whether it consists of the right amount of appeal you want for your room walls.

You can find various styles and designs that provide some great trendy DIY wall hanging ideas. These are flawless when it comes to freshening up your home’s appeal. Each new wall hanging decor is the perfect way to make your space feel more homely. No matter what you choose, each accessory will have its uniqueness in terms of style and creativeness.

Wall hanging decoration can range from the simplest forms to the most lavish types. Here are some wall hanging decor ideas for you to find out:

  • Plant holders with patterned strings – Wall Hanging Decor Ideas

Plant holders with patterned strings
Plant holders with patterned strings

If you are looking for that element of freshness and liveliness for your empty walls, here is your solution. It is about time you remove those beautiful plant pots from the windowsill and hang them up on your living room walls.

All you need is a bundle of string, a design pattern in mind to attach it to the pots and you are good to go.

  • Paper art on the walls

Paper art on the walls
Paper art on the walls

Paper art is something that you can easily add to your wall décor. There is a lot of variety when it comes to putting art on walls. Pick out something that suits the overall theme of your room. Try to select a piece that brings a bit of an aesthetic element to your space.

  •   Hanging Shelves – Wall Hanging Decor Ideas
Customizable Hanging Shelves
Customizable Hanging Shelves

Another perfect opportunity for you to show your imagination to decorate your home’s bare walls. The best thing about hanging shelves is that they are easily customizable. You can pick a simple design that is supported by a cycle of a hanging thread. A design like this could be easy to balance and support most of your lightweight showpieces.

  • Multi-Colored String Hanging

This is a trending wall hanging decor option that you should consider for your house. All you have to do is to combine a bunch of multi-colored strings and attach them to a smooth wooden piece.

Make sure that the wooden piece doesn’t float so that you can observe a constant pattern of colors. The pattern is not that hard to make and can easily suit any room of your home.

  • A combination of wooden sticks

A combination of wooden sticks
Frame with a combination of wooden sticks

A combo of about 10 wooden sticks to hang up on your wall doesn’t click as an attractive design for your wall décor.

However, you will be surprised at how good the design can turn out to be. This is another idea that requires a bit of your input in terms of style. You can combine sticks to make up common shapes such as a heart or a special symbol.

You can color the sticks and get them altered in different shapes to bring out a fresh look. The wooden sticks combo will provide a hint of rawness and the right amount of interest in terms of your wall décor design.

  • Fabric Art – Wall Hanging Decor Ideas

Another great idea to fill up your bare walls is fabric art. Pick out a modern art design that consists of 3 to 4 colors. The next step is choosing the fabric color that is similar to the selected design pattern. Black Vintage Fabric Wall Hanging.

Black Vintage Fabric Wall Hanging
Black Vintage Fabric Wall Hanging

When you are done with the pattern, attach it to a light-colored wooden or plastic stick. Connect a thread to both ends of the stick and hang it on the wall. If you do the steps right, you will surely enjoy what is in front of you.

  • Hanging Mirrors

Mirrors have been a traditional choice for many people looking for a simple wall decorating solution. This is a category where you can improvise in terms of the shape of the mirrors.

Hanging Mirrors on the Wall
Hanging Mirrors on the Wall

You could either go for a round hanging mirror or a triangular mirror setup where there is a line of mirrors hanging at different heights.

  • Photo Wall Hanging

An ideal way to make your wall appealing is to hang up your favorite photos on a lightweight metal rod supported by a single thread piece.

The Best Wall Decor Ideas for Your Home
Top Wall Decor designs that perfectly blend in with your house

This is one good way to mark your memories. It is a wonderful sight to see the best moments of your life right in front of you.

  • Text Wall Hanging

Girl Hanging a Text Wall Decoration
Girl Hanging a Text Wall Decoration

A favorite quote or a famous verse on the wall is not a bad wall hanging decor idea at all. All you need is a fabric piece where you can have your favorite text printed. Support the piece with a stick and a string, and you are good to go.

  • Flower Wall

Here is another good option to add up to your wall décor ideas. The setup includes a combination of artificial flowers, each supported by a thread, and attached to a supporting rod. The design is simple and quite attractive to look at.

Flower Wall Decor
Flower Wall Decor

The best thing about all the ideas above is that they are quite cheap to implement. You can make of these structures at home and give your walls the charm they deserve.

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