BGMI is back on the Google Play Store: How to download BGMI on your Android device?



Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is finally back on the Google Play Store. Last week, BGMI publisher Krafton announced that the popular battle royal game would be making a comeback in India after its ban last year.

It appears that Krafton made good on its promise to bring BGMI back to Indian audiences. As of now, BGMI is yet to make its return to the Apple App Store, although we expect that to change in the coming days.

BGMI is back on the Google Play Store

How to Download BGMI Play Store?

Battlegrounds Mobile India is currently accessible through the Google Play Store. If you cannot find the game listed on the Play Store; head on over to website > select the AOS Download option in the top right corner. You will then be directed to the game on the Google Play Store, where you can select the install option, although servers are still offline and the game isn’t playable just yet.

However, the official statement released by Krafton reads, “Currently, the closed test track for BGMI is updated. Those who opted for a public test for the game before its launch are expected to get a message which takes them to play store for downloading the game. However, the link won’t work, and the game cannot be downloaded as the servers have been shut. We also understand that some other users who had not opted for the closed test are also getting this message. This is a technical error, and we are working on resolving it.”

BGMI was introduced as the Indian version of PUBG Mobile back in 2021, before it was banned in 2022. Of the total of over 300 Chinese apps banned by the Indian government, BGMI is the first to make a comeback. It is worth noting that Krafton is bringing some restrictions to BGMI, so things won’t be the same.

BGMI Unban: Krafton to Introduce New Restrictions

First, players below the age of 18 will now need to register a parent or guardian before accessing the game. Moreover, these users will only be able to login to the game using OTPs.

Krafton is also imposing playtime restrictions on BGMI players under the age of 18, limiting their access to three hours a day. Lastly, a daily spending limit of Rs 7,000 will be enforced to ensure players do not over-spend on the title. Krafton says that these new restrictions will help reduce addiction to the game.

BGMI: A brief History of Success in India

Krafton was dealt a major blow after BGMI was banned in India as the game surpassed 100 million registered users in the country by July 2022. BGMI made history by becoming the first Esports event to be broadcasted on mainstream television attracting 24 million concurrent viewers and a total of 200 million viewers.

The game was also one of the biggest revenue-generating apps on Android in India, until its suspension. However, it remains to be seen if BGMI will be able to compete with already existing titles like Call of Duty: Mobile and Garena Free Fire, which saw major growth in India in the aftermath of BGMI’s ban. Stay tuned for more updates on BGMI and when the game will be playable to Android and iOS users.

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