Counter Strike 2 Mobile Version For Android and iOS in the Works



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Valve finally took the veils off the successor to its popular Counter Strike: Global Offensive. While it’s confirmed to launch for PCs this year, Valve is also reportedly working on a mobile version for Android and iOS. The sequel, ostensibly dubbed Counter Strike 2 will be replacing CS:GO in the summer of 2023, once its passes through the community testing phase.

The limited community testing phase gave a host of users access to the upcoming title. The game will be running on Valve’s new Source 2 engine, expected to improve the gameplay and the physics in the game.

Counter Strike 2 Mobile Version For Android and iOS in the Works

The game developer’s slate of new gaming titles had taken a back seat of late, amidst the company focusing on gaming hardware such as the Steam Deck. News about a CS:GO sequel broke earlier this month, and the news was soon confirmed after.

Counter Strike 2 Coming to Android and iOS

The sequel to the popular first person may also get a mobile version. If true, this will be Valve’s first ever offering for mobile phones.

According to IGN India, a Twitter user spotted mentions of the mobile version in the Source 2 engine’s codebase. Identifying a specific instance, the Twitter user said Counter Strike 2 may also launch on mobile devices.

There’s mention of both Android and iOS, indicating that Valve could be planning to launch across multiple mobile platforms.

That said, a mere mention in the code base does not confirm anything concretely. It could very well be an experiment by the studio.

However, some of Valve’s chief rivals have already announced plans to offer mobile versions of their popular esports titles. For instance, Riot Games is planning to launch mobile versions of Valorant and League of Legends. Activision also has a mobile version of Call of Duty with a mobile version of CoD: Warzone in the works.

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