A Guide to Sharing Facebook Posts

Sharing is caring. The whole point of Facebook is to interact with people. It’s a platform for socializing, sharing opinions, reading the opinions of other people, and staying up to date with the happenings of people around the world, mostly your friends and family. For this purpose, we maintain a good profile, we share what we think about the on-goings and current events and we like to give our two cents regarding them. This sharing of opinions has become really common and that is what Facebook is all about, apart from of course the odd random post of some cat or a baby of one of our fellow friends, that we just have to see!

We have all kinds of friends on Facebook. Some have really bold opinions and can range from one extreme to another. Everyone views themselves as somewhere in the middle, so we see ourselves agreeing to one side, at times, and sometimes, with the other. Facebook plays a big role in getting these opinions across. The option of sharing news has become an extremely important asset for Facebook. We often come across something that we really like and once we do “like” it, we feel obligated to share that piece of information or opinion or maybe just the aesthetic, with the people, we are friends with.

Why can’t we share everything we like on Facebook?

Sometimes, though, it can be a little bit annoying. We read something really mind-blowing or we see a picture that we really like, or it could be a heartwarming video of some kind and we want to share it, but we cannot. Why does that happen? Not to worry, we have you covered.

We will look into detail as to why we can share some things but not others and how can we solve this issue? We will also learn the way of making our own posts shareable so that if a friend likes something that we post, they can share it with their own audience. Sounds great, right? Let’s get started!

Two-Step Guide to Sharing Posts on facebook:

First Step:

The first step is about having the right kind of content. Let’s be honest, until and unless your name is Zayn Malik or you have a whole fanbase crazy about you, there is a good chance, that your random posts will not get a lot of “clout”. So, to make up for the difference in popularity, it is important to have something extraordinary to post. Something that will not only be liked by your friends but will also make them want to share it on to their own Facebook so that their friends can read what you have posted. How do you create something which a lot of people would like? Well, you could try using the artist inside of you to capture a beautiful picture, or use one of your talents to come up with something that you know will be liked by people. Once, you have confidence that your content is good enough, then we move on to the next step.

Second Step:

The second step is quite simple, actually. You click on the option of “What’s on your mind?” on your Facebook page. Once you have typed in or uploaded the content you want to share with the world, you change the option of “Sharing to” to “Public”. Once you do that, your post becomes visible not only to your friends but any other person who is using Facebook can also see your content and share it should they like it. For the “classic” version of Facebook, you will have to change the privacy of your post by clicking on the “lock” sign which says “Friends” or “Specific Friends”, depending on what your privacy has been set to, previously. Facebook remembers the privacy settings from your last post, so, you do not need to change it for every post. Unless, of course, you want to change it back to “Friends”, then, you probably need to change it before making the next post.

Sharing Options for Older Posts:

The shareable options are not only limited to the new content you post. You can also change the privacy setting on an old post of yours. If you feel that one of your old posts did not get the recognition it deserved, then you can change the settings on that post and make sure that people appreciate it, properly, in the manner it deserves. To change the settings, you need to open the old post and click on the three dots to edit the settings and change it to the public. Once you do that, anyone can see your post, which was previously only visible to your friends.

This is a great feature to have. It is the reason why a lot of people actually use Facebook. The sharing option is something that almost everyone has used at some point. You find something worth sharing every time you are browsing Facebook and once you do that, you have the choice of sharing it with your Facebook profile so your friends can see it, too. However, sometimes, there are some posts which you can read and like but you cannot share them. This is usually because of the privacy settings of the person who created that post. The settings are possibly limited to “Friends” only, or “Specific Friends”, which means that only a few of their friends can see, which is a customizable option available. If you really like the post and you want to share it with your friends, you can comment on the post or message the person who created the post, in private, to change the settings of that post to “Public”, so that you and other people who want to share that post are able to do so. Although, they could decide not to do so, for many reasons, so this is not something that will work for sure!

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