Identifying Intellectual Theft – Celebrity Movie Archives

In the Hollywood universe, there are numerous movies where we can find some questionable video clips. Over the years, the audience has had a mixed reaction towards the ‘content’ of the clips. Some accept the scenes, terming them as a part of the social society whereas some people are not in favor.

The short scenes consist of R-rated content that has been a vital audience puller for the entertainment industry for quite some time. The material created is definitely intangible and with the resources available these days, it is pretty easy to steal.


How are the archives accessible?

We often wonder about how such a group of specific people gets their hands on the specified content despite copyright laws and other rules made for such situations. This can be easily answered with the fact that the internet is much more advanced and the users have made the best out of it. The existence of websites that promote piracy is a prime example of how people can get access to movies of their choice. Due to the freedom online, celebrities are also feeling unsure about the level of security they get and how easily can their privacy be exploited.

Platforms such as torrent websites, private servers or even the local DVDs are some of the main pioneers of such content being misused on the internet.

There are thousands of records of hundreds of celebrities doing intimate or nude scenes as part of their jobs. Most of these scenes end up getting available online, which honestly is quite worrying, to say the least.

So, what’s the deal?

When a normal web surfer searches for a query that relates to the R-Rated content of celebrities in movies, he/she will find quite a lot of material. There is a high probability that the search result will present the surfer with a website with the same name as their search keyword.

The specific website that the user could come across has everything related to the content he/she is looking for. The material ranges from short video clips to pictures and also consists of complete scenes. There are even some special search filters that you can utilize if you are looking for a specific scene or a clip. These vary from celebrities to movie names and even the popularity chart that is calculated on the basis of the number of views. So, it would be safe to assume that are lots of archives present to cater to the audience’s needs.

How does it work?

The process is not that difficult at all. As compared to other online stages that offer the same type of content, you will have to pay a certain amount of money.

An advantage of paying here is that you are buying credits for something that you want. It is often found that numerous websites charge on a daily, monthly or yearly basis regardless of the content or the category you prefer.

This isn’t the case when you are looking for celebrity R-rated content. The main policy of the website is that you will pay for what you want to download. Apart from the payment, you will have to sign up to make an account. The account will be permanent just in case you want to revise your decision of leaving the website in the near future.

After you are done with the formalities, you will be directed to the main page where most of the content is available. An important thing to note is that the content isn’t free. As previously explained, you will have to pay for what you want to view. This isn’t a one-time payment scheme where you can access an unlimited amount of video clips.

Another thing to note is that the price of the content varies depending on the type and the popularity of the content. For instance, if the actor or actress is trending on the website, it is possible that you will have to pay more to watch their clips.

However, you can browse for free before spending any of the credits that you might have bought after creating your account. Furthermore, an interesting fact about the website is that it is regularly updated. In simple words, you will get to see the latest and the hottest Hollywood content available on a daily basis as per the commitment of the website.

Before you begin your journey on the website, you can also get a complimentary tour. This will help you get a peek of what really lies on the platform. Conclusively, the website is your one-stop solution to getting a piece of all your favorite celebrities in one single place.

What can be done?

Celebrities and filmmakers don’t have control over the internet. There are rules and regulations present that protect their privacy online but are overlooked quite easily. If the content goes in the wrong hands, the reputation of the particular celebrity could be blemished in a matter of minutes, which would be quite a blow. It would easily tarnish the efforts made by the particular celebrity to stay at a top position in the Hollywood universe.

However, there are a lot of ways through which this can all be avoidable. The World Wide Web almost always has a path to solve most of our problems. The first wise thing to do would be a thorough revision of the current laws regarding internet privacy and copyright issues. People as in celebrities or famous personalities at least need to have some control over their lives on the web. Traffic that directly relates to their intellectual property, should only be available in the hands of the sources they choose and trust.

The fact that there are websites that encourage activities like these is quite disturbing. If the right measures are taken, there will be a significant decrease in such happenings. Furthermore, people will start accepting it as something normal. With the current entertainment trends in place, this could be quite a challenge for the concerned authorities.

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