How does Google’s I’m feeling curious work?

Catching up with Google’s Tricks

Google changed the dynamics of Internet browsing. It went from being the most popular search engine to entering the race of creating its operating software and then as a result of that cell phones and laptops. Google gained so much popularity that the name of Google became synonymous with a web search. “Just Google it” is a phrase that we hear so commonly. This shows how far Google has come. It is now the world’s second-largest Internet company behind Amazon, only.

Google, while operating as a browser, has managed to add more and more features and tricks that increase its popularity and make the experience of browsing a lot better. While it may not offer the full services of social networking, Google has left no stone unturned in its quest to making sure that it delivers everything that the competing social networks offer, as well.

List of Google’s Tricks and How They Work:

1) The Good Old Google Doodle:

Google Doodle is a temporary alteration of the logo of Google to commemorate events of national and international significance all around the world. This helps people understand the importance of the achievements of our heroes and we can remember them when we open up Google for the daily search.

How does it work?

Google has a team of artists and illustrators who come up with fun ways and colorful logos to commemorate an event. They are also updated to commemorate national events and are updated with the location feature of Google.

2) I’m Feeling Lucky:

Google’s I’m Feeling Lucky button is an iconic feature of Google. It has been around for so long, we see it on every Google search, yet, some don’t know what it does or how it works. Not to worry, we have you covered. It is a feature that opens up a page when you enter in your search. If you are feeling lucky and think that the first page will have the answer to your query then do not be afraid to click it!

How does it work?

I’m Feeling Lucky skips the Google search in its entirety and connects you to the first page that your Google search will show up. It saves you time but then again, as the name suggests, you have to be feeling lucky to do this.

3) I’m Feeling Curious:

This is another very cool Google feature. All you have to do is type in “I’m Feeling Curious” and Google will help you sort out your curiosity. Google does not kill curious cats! The motive is to deal with your boredom by providing you with facts from the following categories:

1) Interesting Facts

2) Random Facts

3) Cool Facts

4) Google Tricks

How does it work?

The “I’m feeling curious trick works in a very simple way. You get several “I’m feeling curious” fun facts, this is through an algorithm that sends in the fun facts that are collected from Index pages of the Google database and moves it to the top of the Search Results page.

4) I’m Feeling Something Else:

The I’m Feeling ________ feature of Google has a lot of popularity. This demand mixed with a lot of creative thinking led to the addition of another feature by Google, which offers a wide range of “feelings”. All you have to do is hover over the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button and it portrays several “feelings” which are as follows:

  1. I’m Feeling Doodly: This leads to Google displaying a random doodle from its wide collection of Google Doodles.
  2. I’m Feeling Playful: This will lead you to one of Google’s very creative, interactive, Doodles. You can play with one of these brilliant works and have fun if you are bored.
  • I’m Feeling Artistic: It will bring out one of Google’s art projects that are usually in commemoration of some famous art pieces like “The Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh.
  1. I’m Feeling Hungry: Clicking on this will bring out a search for the restaurants nearby. As Google has your location turned on, it makes it easier for Google to conduct this search.
  2. I’m Feeling Puzzled: Clicking on this will display a random A Google A Day question that is usually something you would love to read. A question is asked by Google and it lets you find the answer.
  3. I’m Feeling Trendy: If you are feeling trendy, Google will link you to the hottest trends around the Internet and you can catch up with all the happenings and current events in the world.
  • I’m Feeling Stellar: This is one of my personal favorites. This will link you to a picture of our beautiful universe. It will show an image search for Orion + Nebula and show you a picture of the grand universe.
  • I’m Feeling Wonderful: If you are feeling wonderful, which we hope that you always do, Google will link you to one of the wonders of the world. You can read up about it and if you are the adventurous type, you can plan a trip!

Google has earned a reputation for being a very reliable digital partner. In a fast-paced world, it is providing us with everything that we could gain from our friends, etc. Google fun facts are a place where I have shamelessly spent hours on. They are simply too fun to exit! Just like that, there are many other features that you can find out about by a simple Google search. I’m feeling curious’ funny searches are another great way to spend your time, especially, if you are bored at work, or you just do not have anything else to do.

Google has become a definite part of our life and we are so dependent on it. We hope you liked reading about this, and I hope you learned a lot from this. Here’s to hoping you get to use the features of Google!

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