Best Gag Gift Ideas For 2020 Christmas


The Most Hilarious Gag Gift Ideas for Christmas!

If you are from the George Clooney school of gift-giving, then you would certainly know about gag gifts. Gag gifts are gifts that you give off on some occasions, but the purpose they fill is entirely different from a normal gift. As the word suggests, they are usually to make the other person “gag” or in simpler words laugh. They are a great way to include humor in gift-giving and indulge in a practical joke. Who does not like jokes? Everyone loves them! Gag gifts are ideal for gift exchanges, especially at the time of Christmas, which is a time filled with love, laughter, and humor. It is the best time to give off such a gift. Today, we look at some of the gag gifts which you can give to your friends, family, and loved ones and start a gag-gift war!

Funny gag gifts for guys:

If you are a guy, there is a good chance that you are not much into giving gifts. Christmas is a time when you simply have to abide by the tradition and involve in gift-giving. That is why this tradition of gag gifts that began somewhere in the fifties, added a whole new dimension of fun to gift-giving. People have been exchanging gag gifts to play a prank on each other for a very long time now. We will tell you about some of the funny gag gifts you could give to your friends:

1) Emergency underpants:

This is a very clever gift that is bound to make your friend laugh. While they will not take it seriously and just laugh about it, you can use it to get one over them, when they need it. Emergency underpants are a very practical gift, and hilarious, as well. You cannot go wrong with this!

2) Funny t-shirts:

T-shirts are a genius gift. They are not even an inappropriate gag gift yet they make for a great gift. You can even get them printed with something personalized. This is also a lovely opportunity to remind your friend of some inside joke and if you are friends with Michael Scott, this is the time to include him in an inside joke!!

3) Custom Face Socks:

Custom face socks are a hilarious gift. Just imagine your friend walking around with either your own ugliest selfie or one of their blackmail worthy pictures. There is, of course, a good chance that they may not ever wear it. However, I am sure it will be a great gift for laughs. I think if your friend is a good sort, they might wear it once in a while, as well!

4) Forever Roll:

In 2020, the forever roll will not be taken as a funny gift, but this will be considered a very thoughtful gift. Given the COVID-19 situation, a forever roll might just be a great gift. When your friend is done laughing, they will realize the importance a forever roll and they will appreciate you getting it. While you are out buying one, I would recommend getting one for yourself, as well. Considering how cheap they are, it also makes for an ideal cheap gag gift idea.

5) Miniature Violin:

This is a genius gift. A miniature violin is perfect for your friends who have kids. Just picture this, their kids whining and they take out this three-inch miniature violin and play it to offer their heartfelt sympathies. Your friends will not only love you for this, but you might also get a death stare from their daughter the next time you get invited to dinner!

6) Batteries:

Yes, that’s it. Batteries. Aren’t we all tired of receiving gifts without batteries? Well, add a card that says, a gift not included. Initially, your friends might not appreciate the gift, but once the dust has settled, they will definitely thank your cleverness and this is one gift that will not be returned or remain unused! You can never have enough batteries.

Where to buy gag gifts?

Gag gifts are very easy to find. You can almost find them at any store. The most variety of gag gifts can be found online, though. For gag gifts, Amazon is the ideal place to shop. They have the most variety and you can find the most creative gifts to give to your friends.

Homemade gag gift ideas:

  1. Saving for therapy:

All you need is a tin box labeled “saving for therapy”. Throw in a few pennies and gift it to your friend who has “problems”. Although, the aim is making your friends laugh, so make sure this is not given to someone who is too sensitive.

  1. Husband training treats:

This is another perfect gift for your married friends. Get a box of cookies, label it “husband training treats”. Add a card with details, for example, one cookie for each time he puts the lid down, two for putting his clothes in the basket.

  1. Mic for the singer:

We all know someone who sings in the shower. It can be quite annoying, so, why not have fun with that? Cut a bath sponge in the shape of a microphone and gift it to your friend for their shower concerts.

  1. Redneck wine glass:

As the name suggests, this could crack your friends up. All you have to do is glue the bottom of a mason jar to a glass candle holder and voila, redneck wine glass! If you want to be a bit fancier, you could add a red ribbon around the base.

We hope you liked these suggestions for gag gifts Christmas edition. If you have any more ideas, you can add to these. The priority is coming up with something witty to make our loved ones laugh. If you have any queries regarding any of these gift ideas, hit us up, we would love to hear what you have to add.

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