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How Makeup Enhances Beauty


Makeup – A Woman’s Best Friend

“I don’t like girls wearing makeups.” “Natural beauty is a real beauty.” We have all heard this! Most of it comes from men. It makes me forget if we ever asked men’s opinions on makeup? Makeup is a part of our life, and it is a significant step to us dolling up and without makeup, we almost feel naked! That shows how important makeup is. Today we will discuss the benefits and the psychological effects of wearing makeup.  Read all about – Makeup Enhances Beauty below.

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A pink cosmetics bag with make-up brushes and makeup products spilling out on to a pink background. Top view

Purpose of makeup:

Appearance is everything! Appearances can deceive, appearances can change things dramatically. Your first impression is the last impression and impressions are majorly developed based on appearances. The purpose of makeup is to enhance that appearance into something a lot more appealing. Some people have scars or shortcomings that they might think, make them look less appealing. Makeup can help cover up those insecurities and make women look flawless!

Makeup artist
Makeup artist applies eye shadow. Beautiful woman face

Why is makeup important to women?

That is like asking why is fantasy football important to men? Who does not like dressing up? Makeup is significant for women because they feel they can get an escape from their usual self. No, it does not mean that women believe they are ugly when they do not use makeup, it is just a refreshing change from the everyday look. Plus, if women like wearing makeup, why cannot we just let them wear it? Just picture the power your red lipstick holds when you apply it and look in command of everything in your life.

Purpose of makeup
Beauty woman applying makeup. Beautiful girl looking in the mirror and applying cosmetics with a big brush.

Psychological effects of wearing makeup:

There are quite a few psychological effects of wearing makeup for women. For starters, makeup gives an air of confidence to women. It leads directly to positive reinforcement. That means women wearing makeup receive a lot of compliments, or at least that is the motive behind wearing makeup for some.

Beautiful smiling beauty blogger showing how to make up joyfully recording a new video for the vlog

For some women, it is a way of concealing things that they believe are flaws. They can put some makeup on and feel a lot better after wearing it. These things boost confidence and make women look better. These kinds of things are morale boosters, and allow women to focus on other things. It can be a form of self-expression, and it can also bring more attention to the features that women believe are their best.

Benefits of wearing makeup:

We will look at some of the benefits of wearing makeup:

Benefits of wearing makeup
Benefits of wearing makeup

1) Protects skin:

Good makeup can protect your natural skin while making you look better. We face a lot of pollution every day when we step out, which makes it important for us to take measures which will protect our health including our skin. It creates a thin barrier between dust and our natural skin, protecting it when we go out.

2) Enhancing appearance:

Makeup can play a huge role in enhancing appearances. If done correctly, it can look outrageously beautiful. It can also bring attention and put our features in the spotlight. Blush can make your cheeks more prominent, similarly, eyeliner can bring out your eyes.

3) Break the monotony – have some fun:

Makeup breaks the monotony of having to look the same every day. Makeup is all about fun experiments and trying new things. Our lives have become so hectic and monotonous, makeup brings about the right kind of break and excitement of trying something new.

4) Better Pictures:

You can get better pictures and look more presentable by wearing makeup. It makes you look more confident and photogenic. Sometimes, the dull lighting or bad pictures do not bring our best features in a light, to avoid that from happening, makeup helps you look great no matter how dull the lightning is. You can look at your best for the camera and pictures go down in memory the most!

5) Better complexion:

If you are conscious about your complexion, the first thing you should do is, stop being conscious. All skin tones and complexions are great. They do not define beauty. However, to boost self-confidence some women like to wear makeup which will change their complexion a bit. You can do that if you feel like it.

6) ‘Young and Beautiful’:

No one wants to grow old. There is a negative connotation attached to the concept of growing old. You can feel young and beautiful like Lana’s song if you start wearing makeup. Makeup helps you conceal the wrinkles and other aging spots with ease. However, it requires some skill to do so, which is why you may have to watch a couple of tutorials if you are not skilled at it.

How to enhance your natural beauty with makeup?

Natural, bare-faced makeup is a style that never goes out of fashion. You can use multiple things which will improve your natural look with makeup:

1) Minimal Mascara:

This is a move away from the old trend of Barbie-esque lashes. You can use just enough to get a natural look. It also stops your lashes from clumping. Low-key lashes provide you with the most natural look.

2) Blush:

You should not skip the blush routine. It makes no sense to stop using blush if you want a natural look. If you use just enough, you can get the honest tint which is just enough for the everyday look you are going for.

3) Primer Time:

A good primer is the best partner for you. If you can get the combination right, your primer can be your most reliable friend. Base-anchoring primers should be the priority, something that covers the pores and shines with its chest out.

4) Conceal but not too much:

Concealers are my favorite pieces of makeup. This should be done in bits rather than cloaking it all. This way you can shine your best features, hide your dark spots airbrush with the magic of a wand. This is all ideal to cover up the fatigued look, which we all know, too well.

All in all, don’t be afraid to wear makeup, doll up, be glamorous and carpe diem!

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