Why was reddit soccer streams banned? Will it be retrieved?


Soccer streaming – what to do about it?

Soccer is the most-watched sport in the world. It is watched by more than four billion fans, according to some estimates. That is more than half of the population of the world. For a sport of that much popularity, it is important to understand that everyone that watches it, cannot attend all the matches in person. Some fans never even get to see their favorite teams in person, yet, you can never doubt their support for the club. Soccer connects so many people around the world, it is truly a miracle.

Soccer – In Demand:

The most-watched soccer competition in the world is the English Premier League. Europe is the hub of soccer and it hosts soccer competitions from several countries on the continent. It also has the annual tournament of Champions League, in which, all of the top clubs of the top leagues of Europe compete in. All of these tournaments are followed, religiously, by their fans and these clubs have managed to attract fans from all around the world. This is why a number of these top clubs invest a lot during their pre-season to travel half the world to play in front of their fans who cannot physically attend the games in Europe. Unsurprisingly, fans flock in to see their favorite players and queue up outside the training sessions hoping to get a quick word or an autograph.

This is why, majority of the fans, who cannot watch the games in person or do not have the luxury of watching them on television, they resort to the internet. Reddit was a very safe place for finding working streams to catch the action live. These streams were reliable and there were links for mobile streaming as well as high definition streaming. This was how many fans across the globe caught their teams in action, for free.

What happened to Reddit Soccer Streams?

R/redditsoccer was the place every football fan knew about. If you cannot catch the game on TV, just find a working link from this place and open it. This raises the question of what happened to Reddit soccer streams? It is not too hard to figure out what went wrong. Online streaming of matches is considered to be illegal. While the Premier League was already trying to make sure that people watched the matches legally, they finally cracked down on Reddit, too. Reddit was served a warning over copyright infringement and the Reddit Soccer Streams were banned. Pirated material is illegal and according to the Premier League, any material or thread on Reddit that is hosting such material will be taken down, immediately.

This affected more than 400,000 subscribers of Reddit who relied on the service to provide links for watching the action of Champions League, Premier League, Europa League, etc. With Reddit closed, those people have required a Reddit soccer streams alternative.

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What is the alternative for Reddit Soccer Streams?

Which raises the question, what is the alternative of Reddit streams for watching soccer. It depends on where you are in the world. For the US viewers, your best option is getting the ESPN+ subscription. It has a wide range of options available from all of the leagues of England, except for the Premier League, to Serie A, Eredivisie, and many more.

Your other alternatives are getting NBC Sports Gold. It offers Premier League which is a bargain at the rates they offer. Similarly, if you want to watch the European competitions of Champions League and Europa League, you should get the Bleacher Report Live subscription, which is also cheap as it comes with a pay as you watch deal.

For the majority of the people around the world, BeIN Sports is the best option. They have all the leagues, including all the top five leagues of Europe plus the Champions League, Europa League and domestic cups on their (very) wide collection of channels. You do not miss a kick if you have the BeIN Sports subscription.

Another advantage of watching soccer through the legal set up is that you do not have to waste time looking for a streaming link. You can also get rid of the sketchy ads and pop-ups that are full of viruses. Don’t even get me started on the hassle of closing down those ads. There are so many clickbait closing buttons that you miss out on a lot of action due to this. You can get most of these subscriptions for around $10 or less, which seems like a great idea.

Is Piracy a serious crime?

Piracy is the unauthorized use, copying, and distribution of content that is copyrighted. Piracy, for individual use, or for the act of copying it, or for the act of distribution of that content for any purpose is a very serious crime. As the software pirate does not have the proper permission to use the content, it is the equivalent of theft. That proves that piracy is, therefore, a crime. According to US law, copyright infringement can result in a penalty of as much as $150,000. This clearly shows, that piracy is not worth the hassle, when you can watch the content for a few dollars by getting the subscription.

Will Reddit Soccer Streams be retrieved?

Given the warning Reddit received, I might have bad news for you. It does not look good for Reddit Soccer Streams to start posting streaming links, again. What they were doing was illegal, and they cooperated with the Premier League in removing and then completing banning the sharing of links on their threads. It does not look likely that they will risk a potential lawsuit against the powerful Premier League over this. Although, we could see alternative websites posting streaming links. Piracy finds a way, one way or another. It is much better and of course legal to change the habit and start doing the right thing which is using a legal way to watch soccer.

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