How to motivate yourself for sports and achieve your goals

The word motivation comes from the Latin verb “moveo”, which means “to move.” It follows that motivation is a psychoactive process that moves and controls a person in order to achieve a certain goal. In this article, we will consider the main aspects of such a phenomenon as motivation in sports and try to answer the main question: how to motivate yourself for sports?

How to motivate yourself for sports

In fact, the issue of motivation for playing sports is relevant not only for people for whom sport is a means for self-development, but even for professional athletes. It can sometimes be difficult to get out of bed in the morning, let alone exercise. But remember once and for all: real success in sports will never be a coincidence, this is the law of your will!


Reasons for motivation in sports

Probably, the motivation for playing sports is an even more difficult question than the training process itself. And these are not empty words. The sport of great achievement is, first of all, not talent or even skill. This is character and willpower. Not a single great athlete would have achieved his sporting achievements without perseverance and iron willpower: when the word “want” is replaced by the word “must” and no excuses work here. And even if the great Brazilian footballer Romario once said that training is for the weak, and the strong do not need them, then these words should be regarded only as a joke and nothing more. In order to achieve something in sports, it doesn’t matter whether you receive Olympic awards or simply achieve the goal of losing weight, you must first of all be able to get out of your usual comfort zone. Without this, there is no way, such are the harsh realities. What goes around comes around.

But where to look for motivation for sports? There are so-called motivating factors, which include:

  • Achieving success. Success in any sport brings an athlete great pleasure, makes him feel the result of his own work and diligence, and the more difficult and thorny this path was, the greater the degree of satisfaction will be.
  • Recognition from others that fuels self-esteem and self-esteem. The person feels, at least, not worse than the others.
  • The possibility of growth and development, giving a person confidence in the future.
  • The very content of sports activities that stimulates the development of the athlete. Any training process should be varied, which will have the best effect on sports results.

Hard work on yourself

The path to success is very thorny and difficult. But the more difficult the achievement of the goal, the sweeter the taste of victory. The main keys to achieving any goals are self-improvement and self-discipline.

How to achieve success

Always remember one golden rule: in order to achieve any results in sports (it doesn’t matter if you are a professional athlete or do it exclusively for yourself), you need to be able to sacrifice a lot (walking with friends or soulmate, free time, etc.). Unfortunately, there is no way without it. It is not easy, but this is what will make you truly feel your ability to do something, develop an iron willpower, without which nothing significant can be achieved in life. But how nice it is to realize after all these difficulties and inconveniences that you are capable of more than you thought. Very cool about this was said in one famous song of the young performer Valentin DSL – You are an athlete: “It’s probably cool to sit in the chair of the ruler, but it’s even cooler to feel the winner in yourself!”.

The desire to be always in good shape, to feel a charge of energy and strength in yourself is the key to how to make yourself work on yourself. After all, athletes are the category of people who, without exception, are proud of what they do. They are always full of strength and look to the future with optimism, because they have something to strive for, they always know what they want. This is one of the meanings of life – to live for the sake of what you do. At the same time, you feel yourself not as an ordinary gray biomass, but as a fully capable, biologically active person who lives a full life.

Sources of motivation

Watching various motivating workout videos can be an excellent motivator for playing sports and achieving high results in it. Watch videos of those people whose figure you like. They don’t have to be famous athletes or movie stars. These can be ordinary people who have changed their lives, achieved a certain goal and want to share the knowledge that they received after going through all the attendant difficulties. After watching this kind of video, it will become more difficult for you once again to find an excuse to feel sorry for yourself for any reason and skip a workout. Remember, skipping at least one workout is two steps back towards achieving your goal.

Break period

At the stage of progress, sooner or later, an irreversible decline may occur. On the way to achieving the goal, or more often after achieving it, the athlete experiences a so-called psychological breakdown. This stage is characterized by a low level of motivation; its signs include the following manifestations:

  • Inadequate calculation in the training process: you begin to feel sorry for yourself and do not give all your best.
  • Lack of pleasure in the process of training, when classes are more like a routine than a path to self-development.
  • Shorter workout times: You start to work less than you should.

The rift period is very difficult to overcome, but if you are going to achieve something in sports, and not just, for example, “prepare your form for summer”, then you need to be able to survive it. Many people are trying (yes, yes, they are trying) to go in for sports, but only 7% of them achieve real success (it does not matter whether to win an Olympic medal or just look athletic every day and all year round), and the rest are wasting time, not achieving nothing. And it is precisely these 7% who are able to overcome this period of fracture, when the word “want” is replaced by the word “must”. A truly motivated athlete will not be stopped by a rift period or failure, as he knows how to work on mistakes and continues to move on. This is the real willpower, when difficult periods and failures do not break, but, on the contrary, temper.

The surest solution to getting out of the rift as quickly as possible is to monitor progress. This way you can determine the degree of development and how well your training process is suitable for you. Remember: there is no training program for everyone, it is tailored to the individual abilities of everyone. Feel free to experiment – this is one way to achieve your goal.


To all of the above, you can quote not just an athlete, but a great man. Here’s a motivation from Arnold Schwarzenegger: “You can say that you have bad genetics, poor metabolism, or you can just get your ass off the couch and start working on yourself, set a goal and believe in yourself. In this case, you will definitely achieve success. ” Also, do not forget that before you defeat someone, you need to defeat yourself.

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