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Workout (from the English. Workout) is a sports direction that arose at the end of the last century in the courtyards of America. The workout training program necessarily includes exercises for endurance and explosive strength. The Russian style is characterized by a power workout with an emphasis on powerful static exercises.

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The great thing about outdoor workouts is that you don’t need an air-conditioned gym, and friendly support and advice is a substitute for a coach. The workout is based on four types of basic exercises:

  1. squats,
  2. pushups,
  3. pull-ups on the horizontal bar,
  4. exercises on uneven bars.

Workout varieties

Street workout is based on bodyweight exercises. Classes are held in courtyard, park grounds. Street workout is devoid of a competitive moment, there are no best, there are no teachers and mentors. Everyone learns from each other.

Ghetto workout adherents go outside the workout area. In the ghetto for blacks in New York, where this style originated, there are enough drainpipes, fire escapes, street benches, trees, fences.

A massive outbreak of interest brought many participants to the sport, the workout was replenished with complex power elements, it became possible to hold competitions, assign ranks. The sport direction Sport workout has taken shape, which has its own system of refereeing, categories, normative exercises.

Today workout is a fitness movement with regular world championships. A worker’s performance is assessed not only by the complexity of the elements, but also by the artistry and unusual presentation. The emotionality of the performance is enhanced by the workout music – 2Pac, Tayler, Troopkillaz, one of the most popular songs is I’m Workin ‘Out!

The movement unites enthusiasts from all over the world. On September 29, the Siberian Workout online project was launched. It is designed for 3 months and ends before the New Year.

Workout benefits

The horizontal bar makes it possible to use a muscle corset in an unconventional way, developing both physical strength and balanced work of different muscle groups, and a sense of distance, coordination of movements. In everyday life, the muscle corset is involved in such a way that the legs perform a supporting function, and the swinging movements lie on the shoulder girdle.

When doing workout exercises on the horizontal bar, the main support falls on the lats of the back, and the legs perform swing work. Workout exercises make both muscles and nerves work in new ways. Exercising on the horizontal bar, you can develop strength, endurance, dexterity, workout workouts develop the vestibular apparatus, a sense of distance.

Reasons for the rise in popularity

Since 2000, when the American team Bartenders first announced itself, the number of workout adherents has grown to hundreds of thousands of people. The incredible growth in popularity is due to the democratic nature of sports, a special spirit of friendliness and mutual assistance. In many countries, a courtyard with a horizontal bar remains the only place where you can go in for sports for free. You will need comfortable clothes, shoes, workout gloves for training.

Main elements

Workout training includes static and dynamic movements. The most complex elements performed by workout masters on the horizontal bar are based on several basic elements. First of all, a beginner must master the following elements of a workout:

  1. checkbox;
  2. horizon;
  3. officer exit;
  4. swallow;
  5. power output for one and two arms;
  6. exit of an angel;
  7. exit of the prince;
  8. a spear;
  9. gait of god.

Elements of street workout for beginners are mastered in parallel with work on basic exercises aimed at increasing strength endurance, explosive muscle power, strengthening ligaments and tendons, and increasing their elasticity. Basic movements include:

  1. pull-up;
  2. push-ups on the uneven bars and from the floor;
  3. front hanging.


According to the results of the performances, workout ranks are assigned, there are 7 of them in total. They are assigned after the basic exercises and basic elements have been completed. Each subsequent discharge provides for more repetitions in the basic movements and the complication of the basic elements. The 6th category corresponds to the CCM, and the 7th category – the master of sports. Grades are established during workout competitions.

Beginner training

Even physically trained athletes can face problems associated with imperfect functioning of the vestibular apparatus. The danger is associated with loss of orientation when performing coups. Training of the vestibular apparatus will help to avoid a traumatic fall. A workout program for beginners should include work on the vestibular apparatus, part of the time should be devoted to each workout:

  1. swinging on the horizontal bar;
  2. upside down visam – coffin exercise;
  3. ascent upside-down.

Swinging on the horizontal bar

Swinging turns into an independent exercise, performed with a large amplitude. Start with a minute, gradually increasing the execution time. This movement is aimed at balancing muscle work. The press, lateral abdomen, long back muscles are actively involved in the work. The load on the shoulder girdle is floating, the maximum effort is transferred from the lats to the pectorals and vice versa. This workout exercise trains coordination and spatial awareness when moving:

  1. In the hang – slightly bend back in the back;
  2. relax your back;
  3. pull your knees to your chest;
  4. throw your legs forward.

These movements will give the body an impulse for a pendulum movement. When the body sways backward, the legs should be straight. When passing under the crossbar, at the lowest point, slightly bend your knees and throw them sharply forward.

Sample training program

The street workout training program can be arbitrary. The main thing is that it is compiled correctly. The following class schedule is suitable for beginners:

1st day

  • Pull-ups with an average grip;
  • Push-ups on the uneven bars with the body tilted forward;
  • Push-ups – hands shoulder width apart;
  • Hanging leg raises.

2nd day

  • Wide grip pull-ups;
  • Dips on the uneven bars with a straight body;
  • Push-ups with arms wide apart;
  • Hanging leg raises.

Day 3

  • Pull-ups with a narrow grip;
  • Push-ups on the uneven bars with the body tilted forward;
  • Push-ups – arms are already shoulder-width apart;
  • Hanging leg raises.

4th day

  • Reverse grip pull-ups;
  • Dips on the uneven bars with a straight body;
  • Push-ups – hands shoulder width apart;
  • Hanging leg raises.

Before classes, a warm-up is required, warming up the muscles. The entire daily complex is performed without pauses between exercises. Only 3-4 cycles with a break of several minutes after each. As for the breaks, it is imperative to rest 2-3 days a week to avoid overtraining.

You can do street workout at any age. The yard area with horizontal bars has become a place that unites all generations, a platform for free communication without social and financial barriers.

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