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TikTok & its obsessed challenge

We are living in the digital age and experiencing great inventions in terms of both knowledge and entertainment. About 30 years ago, no one could have predicted social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to emerge and take over the internet by a storm. Read below all about – Tiktok obsessed challenge.

Looking further, it would have been highly impossible for anyone to foresee a video sharing social media service such as TikTok to arrive in the market. It is safe to say, the previous decade was quite an entertainment package and TikTok was one of the spearheads of it.

It is quite common to see new trends coming up on social media and people embrace them wholeheartedly. Most of these developments emerge out of basically nothing. They could be based on a movie scene, the current situation or the world’s most commonly discussed topics.

It is completely normal to be curious about what’s going on in the social media world at the moment. There are new trends every day but there is one particular movement that came up in 2019 and is on its way to break all records on the internet. If you are a regular TikTok user or just a curious person, you might want to know about the new #ObsessedChallenge.

Why is it such a big deal?

With all the interesting things going around your life, you might be a little bit confused over the popularity of the song. Many experts have been wondering what exactly makes the challenge tempting or why half of the world is completely infatuated with it.

For starters, the trend is a dance challenge to Mariah Carey’s hit song, Obsessed. The song as per many of the singer’s most loyal fans is a part of the Eminem-Carey feud that started a while back when Eminem released his famous hit, ‘Superman’. In the song’s original video, Carey has been seen dressed as Eminem, portraying an image of a stalker. The single hit from Carey’s was assumed to be a direct reply to ‘Superman’. The feud did continue but was eventually resolved when Eminem replied with his track. ‘The Warning’. That, however, is a completely different story and not related to why it has become a trend nowadays.

Coming back to the topic, it all escalated when a famous TikTok user, @Reesehardy7 posted a video of her dance composition of Carey’s hit song. The choreography was suited to an emotional setup as Reese can be seen crying while doing the moves. Since then, it seems like the song has got a new chance to shine with the viral video receiving a lot of popularity that also includes a response from Mariah Carey herself.

If you keep up with social media, you would know about how TikTokers have a habit of bringing up the past. Some prime examples include ‘Tonight you belong with me’, a creation of the sister act Patience and Prudence in 1956. You also would not have failed to notice how the video-sharing platform has a habit of making low hit songs or videos getting popular with some ridiculous dance challenges. A good example of this could be the track, ’Old Town Road’ sung by Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus.

While Carey’s song isn’t that old or a less popular track, it has certainly gained more popularity than the singer could have ever anticipated. The song is now a vital part of the meme games and has also seen its popularity rise on Facebook and Twitter as well. If we specifically talk about TikTok, there have been about more than a million videos created already as part of the historic #ObsessedChallenge.

After Reese’s viral clip got released, hundreds and thousands of teenagers from all parts of the world attempted the challenge. These are usually 15 seconds short clips that have taken over the internet by quite some distance. It would be fair to say that the world is quite obsessed with the trend.

If you go through some of those recreations of the clip, you would notice that there is hardly any resemblance to the song’s original version. It seems to be that the emotional side of the choreography has been replaced with the TikToker’s showing their personalized content in it.

Thanks to the efforts of the fans, the viral clip managed to reach Mariah, who also couldn’t resist taking part in the development. On a rainy day, when the singer’s car needed some tinkering, she uploaded a shot of her version of the #ObsessedChallenge. The video was originally uploaded on her official Twitter account. The tweet itself got more than 4000 retweets and about 20,000 likes in just a couple of days. Mariah admitted that she had lost the challenge and you can imagine how quickly more people got involved. This further fueled the movement and more and more people are getting to know about it despite being strangers to TikTok.

Why ‘obsessed’?

Now, this a mystery that remains to be solved. A question that often comes up is what part of the song made half of the world go swirling and swaying in their backyards. It could be the part of the song where the ‘Why you so obsessed with me’ lyrics come up. This is usually the part where the dancers get themselves charged. The portion of lyrics is the only part of the song that can be seen on about all of the short video clips present on the internet.

To be on the safe side, you could point your fingers at the platform itself. TikTok’s liking for digging into old song hits or movies can be quite reassuring at times. Though, many people think it’s quite the opposite as per their preferences. It has the habit of bringing up content that you almost swore you had forgotten right in front of you. Sometimes, the material could be a good memory of your pastime or something you wished never came up again.

Do you have what it takes to join in the challenge or are you just another curious visitor? If you somehow end up taking up the challenge, don’t forget to upload it online. Who knows, it could be you taking the #ObsessedChallenge title home.

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