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Kriskadecor curtains installed used in projects by Kengo Kuma and MVSA

Dezeen promotion: large-scale installations of Kriskadecor‘s aluminium chains feature in two new projects: a Kengo Kuma installation in Antoni Gaudí‘s Casa Batlló and the largest shopping centre in The Netherlands.

Spanish brand Kriskadecor produces chain-link curtains that are extremely versatile and lightweight and can be used to transform the look of interior spaces.

A photograph of Westfield Mall of the Netherlands by MVSA Architects with Kriskadecor chains
Kriskadecor’s chains feature in Westfield Mall of the Netherlands. Photo is by Joni Israeli

Dutch studio MVSA Architects used the chains to create a sculptural ceiling installation in Westfield Mall of the Netherlands, while Japanese architect Kengo Kuma designed a new stairwell for a famous house in Barcelona by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.

Westfield Mall of the Netherlands is the brand’s largest installation to date. MVSA used 235 kilometres of Kriskadecor chain to create huge curved panels in shades of brown and gold.

A photograph of Westfield Mall of the Netherlands by MVSA Architects with Kriskadecor chains
Brown and gold chains are suspended from the ceiling in curves. Photo is by Joni Israeli

There are 30 panels in total, which helped to create a more intimate atmosphere in the dining hall of the 117,000-square-metre building.

“We were able to create a space where you could sit down, relax and feel comfortable and happy, because the curtains create that kind of atmosphere,” said Thijs van de Straat of MVSA.

A photograph of Kengo Kuma installation in Gaudi's Casa Batlló with Kriskadecor chains
Kengo Kuma uses chain curtains in his staircase for Gaudi’s Casa Batlló. Photo is by Jordi Anguera

Kuma’s project is equally ambitious in scale. The architect used 164 kilometres of chains to envelop a new staircase linking the ground floor of Casa Batlló with its newly renovated basement.

The curtains are neatly layered to create a pattern that mimics the form of tiles on the villa’s roof. The chains extend across the walls and ceiling, creating a three-dimensional effect.

A photograph of Kengo Kuma installation in Gaudi's Casa Batlló with Kriskadecor chains
The curtains mimic the forms of the building’s tiled ceiling. Photo is by Jordi Anguera

“In terms of size, we create projects of all dimensions, from the smallest to the most spectacular,” said Kriskadecor.

“The lightness of the material and a clear spirit of innovation has allowed us to create metal structures of enormous proportions.”

A photograph of the colourful Ecuador Pavilion at Milan Expo 2015
Ecuador’s pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015 featured a patterned facade of chains. Photo is by Marcela Grassi

Kriskadecor can manufacture chains in endless combinations of size, shape, and colour. Designs can also integrate imagery or text.

The brand controls the production process from start to finish, to ensure a high-quality result.

Other examples of Kriskadecor’s large-scale installations include the Ecuador Pavilion at the Milan Expo in 2015, where chains created bold patterns on the facade.

A photograph of Odiseo Leisure Centre
Odiseo Leisure Centre features chain-link screens in its car park. Photo is by David Frutos

The company also worked on the car park of the Odiseo Leisure Centre in Murcia, Spain, using bright red curtains to create a distinctive graphic feel.

For more information about Kriskadecor’s projects, visit the brand’s website

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