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Find Best Mideast restaurants that are nearby

We are all familiar with the magic of hummus and falafel, and how they seem to turn up the mood in every room. But there is a whole lot more to Middle eastern food because of its diversity and vastness along with the Mideast restaurants that specialize in this cuisine category. As New York is home to various cultural groups, this narrates for the amount of delicious, exquisite cuisine in nearby restaurants across the city.

Find Best Mideast restaurants that are nearby
If you are in New York with an intense craving for mid-eastern food then fret not browse through our list for the best Mideast restaurants that are nearby.

We have listed the best NYC restaurants presenting you with dishes from several countries that come under the MENA (the Middle East and North Africa) umbrella, with Middle Eastern food ranging from stews made out of Persian herbs and Egyptian sausages, to baklava from Palestine and the kicking Israeli street fare. If you are in New York with an intense craving for mid-eastern food then fret not browse through our list for the best Mideast restaurants that are nearby. 

Middle Eastern Restaurants In New York’s Time Out Market

Miss Ada

Middle eastern food for a good reason is having a moment in New York City. The flavors in mid-eastern food are bold and irresistible. Za’atar and harissa from Miss Ada tend to leave us salivating wanting for more.  Chef Tomer Blechman is leading the way in this Mideast restaurant. Blechman is famous for drawing on his Israeli preparing whipped labneh or shakshuka on a bubbling pan. He is known for his crowd-pleasers like baba ganoush as well as hummus and adds a creative touch to whatever he makes.


Nur was opened in the year 2017 by a Moroccan-Israeli chef named Meir Adoni and his business partner Gadi Peleg, owner of Breads Bakery. Nur is a clean-lined Gramercy restaurant serving a modern mishmash of Mideastern food items. Their running items include Jerusalem bagels along with za’atar spices and a lima bean messbaha, which is a Tunisian reflected sandwich made with a veal brain, and a beef tartare along with smoked eggplant cream, raw tahini, sheep’s yogurt and lastly with baby artichokes. This Mideast restaurant will easily come under the top 10 restaurants famous for Mideastern cuisine if looked up by Middle eastern food near me when in New York.

Best Mideast restaurants


If you are in the search for unadulterated Lebanese food, then Ilili is the place for you. Ilili’s Chef Philippe Massoud comes from a long line of Mideast restaurateurs with roots that trace back to Beirut. Although the chef is delighted to cook traditional dishes such as baba ghannoush as well as batata harra cubed potatoes that are spiced with coriander as well as Aleppo pepper at his century-old restaurant, despite that there is no denying the fact this man carries appreciation for New York’s fine dining as well, which is why he is also famous for making his rich duck shawarma as well as a 40 days old dry-aged côte de boeuf as part of Ilili’s eclectic menu.


Chef Nasim Alikhani with a hit on her hands opened up Sofreh quietly not too long ago near the corner of St. Marks Avenue and the Flatbush. Alikhani is famous for making Middle eastern food dishes overflowing with conventional Persian flavors of rosewater, pistachio, mint oil, golden raisins, saffron, Persian cucumber, and much more as well as presenting the dishes in a trendy manner competing with the modern setting. You can come to this Mideast restaurant for their lamb shank cooked and served in a turmeric broth with the fava beans or for their honey roasted beets drizzled on with arbequina olive oil alongside a dusting of pistachios. Just a heads up, Alikhani or her husband are highly devoted to their restaurant which is why you may find them dropping by your table at some point to ask you about your feedback on the meal you have ordered.

Where to Devour Middle eastern food in New York City


Opened in the year 1998 by the Chef Rawia Bishara, this Mideast restaurant presents Middle Eastern home-cooked food that Chef Rawia ate growing up, along with visible modern inspirations. A success right from the beginning, this restaurant is religiously visited by locals as well as tourists throughout the city. On the menu, the sayadiyya, also known as the fisherman’s meal is a running popular item, in which the rice is sauteed with shredded Tilapia alongside caramelized onion, toasted almonds combined with tanoreen spices topped with the fish fillet of the day. This restaurant also possesses some of the fine and unique cocktails in New York City. The pistachio martini is a firm favorite, consisting of traditional flavors along with a New York City twist.

Ravagh Persian Grill

In a lot of ways, Ravagh has placed Persian cuisine on the map for not less than two cohorts of New Yorkers, beginning with its location in the Koreatown, which opened up in the year 1998. Today, this restaurant has five chains in five locations and it remains a great place to get a taste of Tehran’s cuisine. Diners of this Mideast restaurant swear by the jujeh kebab, served with chargrilled, lemon and saffron marinated Cornish hen along with the sambuseh, a Persian samosa with chickpeas and herbs with a side of spicy chutney sauce. If you are wondering about Ravagh’s chain located close to where you are then your best bet is to search this Mideast restaurant under restaurants near me category. Our favorite is the one located on the Upper East Side on the First Avenue.

Mamoun’s Falafel

This Middle Eastern restaurant now has several locations across New York. The effortless ground chickpea treat of falafel marks center of the stage at all the outlets, which aims to become New York’s best falafel selling restaurants. Everything served here is made out of scratch utilizing only the fresh natural ingredients as well as the finest imported spices combined using Mamoun’s signature recipes. The restaurant also offers authentic shawarmas, with a variety of meat from chicken, kofta, and sheesh kebabs. As soon as you cross the threshold you can witness the vibrancy of this restaurant nearby.

Have you figured out a way to take care of that craving for falafel, couscous, or kebabs? The best Middle Eastern restaurants in New York have everything and more, to help you do just that with Persian, Lebanese, and classic Arab cuisines. Get your fill at the best Middle Eastern restaurants in NYC right now.

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