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Get to know about the latest Pokemon sword and Shield news to stay on top on the Pokemon business

Just when you thought things are getting a bit dull, here is something that will make all your Pokemon cravings satisfied. There are two DLCs developments due to release later this year for Pokemon Sword and Shield. If you are wondering about the previous due release, The Isle of Armor, and the Crown Tundra, you won’t have to worry at all. The former version is now available on the official platform as per the latest Pokemon Sword and Shield news.

If we solely talk about the upcoming version, you will surely love the features it is promising to bring. The new release greatness new locations, interesting background stories, and some really good characters. As expected, there will be better gameplay features, and to top it all, different Pokemon to help you keep your game on top.

Another thing that you surely can’t miss out on is the return of the previous favorites and the legendries Pokemon. This surely adds up to the list of reasons for making the best out of this amazing Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC update.

Pokemon Sword and Shield News 2020

Here are a few sections to help you know more about the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC releasing this fall.

Evaluating the Cost of Expansion Pass

People often get confused about the amount they have to pay to access what they want. If you are considering getting both the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra for your collection, you might have to purchase two different expansion passes for each game. The condition applies especially when you own both Pokemon Sword and Shield at the same time.

The cost for the pass is around 30 USD which is fair enough if you keep in mind the gameplay features that are being offered. The pass is easily accessible, all thanks to the Switch Shop’s online platform.

If you purchase the pass early, make sure you make the best of the early pass purchasing bonus. There are a lot of surprises that a Pokemon fan can’t afford to miss.

Attractive Features and Options

There is not much known about what exactly are the exciting gameplay options that are due to come. The fans haven’t heard much as far as the official Pokemon platform is concerned. As previously said, there are going to be fresh locations and some updated Pokemon.

Moreover, you will be able to get new clothes for your preferred character. Customization is made possible with a proper League Card. There will be quite a few additions to the list of items in the game. As per various sources, you might be able to see through some Pokemon Dens with your friends on the team in the Crown Tundra version. The Isle of Armor is expected to have Apricorns that you can later utilize on different Poke balls.

Legendary and New Pokemon

The best thing about the latest Pokemon sword and shield news is the list of returning and new Pokemon. We will see some of the best veterans returning that include Abra, Sandslash. Slowpoke, Exploud, etc.

As for the newbies, any Pokemon Sword and Shield fan would certainly love this update. There is a long list of expected characters that are bound to make the game update even more intriguing and entertaining. Some of these names include Aron, Nidorina, Sealeo, Gible, and so on. As per the official platform, the fans might see a few Galarian versions of Pokemon such as Slowbro and Slowking coming to one of the plots.

The fun certainly doesn’t end here as there are more than a handful of legendaries too that will add more entertainment to both the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra updates. It is expected that you will see the likes of Entie, Lugia, Palkia, Zekrom, any more for your taking and mastering the storyline.

There are other various Pokemon as well that will surely spice up the storyline, It would be safe to assume, buying the latest Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC update would be a wise step.

The Isle of Armor Plot

By knowing all about the storylines would surely take a bit of fun out of both the games. However, it is good that you have an insight into what the Pokemon universe is preparing for its biggest players.

The Isle of Armor is a pure adventure expansion that you are bound to enjoy. It all starts on the titular island in the house of a character named Mustard, who is a renowned champion in the history of Galar. After getting trained from the well-known Pokemon legend, you will get the hold of the legendary Kubfu.

It is expected that you might meet a few obstacles in the way where Kubfu might change forms and help you through difficulties. In the end, you will face a fierce rival depending on the version you are playing.

The Crown Tundra Story

The game update has a completely different storyline to the Isle of Armor. In this gameplay edition, you might have to explore more to divulge into proper action. There is not much known about the Crown Tundra’s plot apart from one important detail. You should note that you might have the company of Calyrex later in the game. Calyrex is a legendary who has special abilities that will surely make the expansion interesting and tempting to play.

The Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra Release Date

It is quite normal to assume that any admirer of the Pokemon universe might be waiting for the expansions to release. As for the official release date, the isle of Armor is already in the market. However, the Crown Tundra will make its mark in late fall.

Make sure you go through the guide so you are better prepared and ready to go once the complete Pokemon Sword and Shield update are released.

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