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New Style Fashion Wear – Dress Like You Want To!

New Style Fashion Wear is one of the most exciting clothing brands around. It is a Nepalese brand, that sells a wide range of clothes for men and women. It is an online shopping brand in Nepal, from where you can order clothes, shoes, and accessories at affordable prices.

About the Brand:

New Style Fashion Wear was one of the earliest online shopping stores in Nepal. It has maintained the quality of its product. You can buy several products from the store which range from clothing, shoes, accessories for both the genders. They also offer free delivery in Nepal, which is a great reason to opt for them!

What do they offer?

Like explained earlier, New Style Fashion Wear excels in addressing the needs of both genders. This allows them to provide new fashion trends for girls and boys. All of this at affordable rates, which everyone can afford. A wide range of clothing, both for men and women, along with accessories like bags, wallets, grooming kits, are all available. However, New Style Fashion Wear is majorly known for its excellent range of shoes that are simply the best in the country. The rates are affordable, especially, when you take into consideration the quality and the upkeep with fashion.


From Kanye West’s Yeezys to the latest brand designs from Nike, Adidas, and Reebok, New Style Fashion Wear has it all! They always have the latest designs and continue to address the needs of the people of Nepal by bringing in the latest arrivals, every year. The categories make your job a whole lot easier. They have their range of formal shoes that you can choose from. This includes the leather party shoe range that would go well with your suit. New Style Fashion Wear also has a range of comfortable party shoes that includes the “low” shoes which provide you comfort but also maintain the formal look.

Similarly, they also have a big range of casual shoes to choose from. Kanye West’s latest line of Yeezy’s is always available to buy from New Style Fashion Wear. You might not be a fan of the Yeezy’s, but you cannot possibly overlook Alexander McQueen’s? Or you might want to play safe and opt for the Nike sneaker range? From Air Max’s to Air Jordan’s, you name it, they have it all! Balenciaga’s are also available, and if you are a fan of the old Nike classics, even then, New Style Fashion Wear has your back!

If you want to buy hard boots for tough terrains, even then your go-to option should be New Style Fashion Wear. This is because of the range they have in the American army boots and Orange Timberland products, as well. These shoes will be your partners in the toughest ranges of Himalayas, as well as, in rough desert-type areas. Everyone needs a pair, especially, when you are asked to go hiking with your friends!


New Style Fashion Wear also has a fantastic range of products in clothing. From offering you the best hoodies from all around the world to t-shirts, trousers, and jackets. Most of these can be worn by ladies, as well, so they really do address the needs of both the genders.

New Style Fashion Wear
New Style Fashion Wear also has a wide range of accessories.

The ladies range includes vibrant color hoodies that include pink, purple, and other female-friendly colors that look stunning on ladies of all ages. The t-shirt range for the ladies has Balenciaga branded shirts and even Louis Vuitton’s! There are some cute shirts of Dior available for purchase as well. You can even find some cute shorts and trousers that would look great with the unisex sneakers that you can find from the same store. These combinations can make a new fashion style and offer you a new look to explore.

You can also find a new style dress, given their arrivals that come from all over the world. It allows you the freedom to mix together certain styles, and if you a keen eye you can make a new look that would look stunning and help you stand out among your friends!

For men, there are even more options. The t-shirt range has shirts from all of your favorite brands, like VLTN, Gucci, Balenciaga, Nike, Reebok, and many more! It also has a great range of hoodies that you certainly need in your wardrobe. Most of these are funky designed which makes them great wear. At the same time, they also address the need for simpler people, who are looking for plainly designed hoodies.

On the other hand, their range of trousers is probably their best feature after their range of shoes. This along with the shorts that you can buy, makes it a great place for athletic people and ones who like to keep themselves fit by doing exercise, often. They have trousers from the likes of Nike, Puma, New Balance, Adidas, etc. These are high-quality products that offer new style fashion for boy and men. In addition to this, they also have an underrated range of jeans to choose from.


New Style Fashion Wear also has a wide range of accessories. This includes designer style wallets, bags that have logos from the two biggest football clubs in the world, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. You can also find duffle bags for your convenience. It really is a store for everything. New Style Fashion Wear also features Gucci buckled-belts.

How to Buy?

After reading all that, it is not possible that one does not check out New Style Fashion Wear. You can either buy their products from their website,, or you can check their Facebook page. You can order their products from their Instagram account, as well, which has over thirty thousand followers. They offer free shipping all over Nepal, so do check it out!

If you prefer visiting the stores, by yourself, then you can go to one of their stores which are in Asan Bazar, Kathmandu.

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